• Goddess Kali. Fierce Feminine archetype

    Feel this seed burst open into galaxies of love.

    Death is part of life, and yet, it is the ultimate OTHER. DEATH: Unfortunately, an ugly, unspoken word in our culture, still taboo in our glorification of only one aspect of manifestation, which really thrives in the embrace of both life and death kissing each other. There is no creation without dissolution; they are the yin and yang & the…

  • uroboros mandala

    Alchemical rebirth of serpentine motion

    For all of you feeling like rebirth is in order, you have a brand new day marking the beginning of a new cycle in the Chinese calendar. Nothing spells rebirth in my nature book more than snake/serpent, a great teacher this beautiful and mythical animal/spirit, often misunderstood and reviled for her sensuality in most religions. She was, however, worshiped as…

  • to the love that never dies

    To the love that never dies

    I find this image breathtaking and deeply haunting..Bless the heart and hands of the artist who kissed the violated and decaying body of a building in ruin with Klim's art to reveal the love that is always there and never dies.