Sacred Flow :: Services

A I’m interested in revealing your radiance.
Starting with the spaces where you live most of your life—your home, studio or creative office.

A Sacred Flow session is not quite the same as interior design.
I won’t tell you which couch to buy, or style your home to look like a magazine photo-spread.

I will help you attune to the soul of your space, empowering you to clear, energize, adorn & cherish your surroundings—so they can support your own healing, growth & expansion.

Together, we create spaces that support your whole being...
Offices that activate your creativity. Bedrooms that cradle your dreams and desires. Bathrooms that awaken your senses. Kitchens that nourish & fuel your ambitions. Gardens that stir your imagination. Spaces that nurture and enliven your gifts.

We’ll work beautifully together if…

  • You long to experience spirit, nature, sanctuary.
  • You yearn to create a space where you can witness the unfurling of your essence.
  • You are committed to showing up and doing the soul work required to unleash creative flow in your life.
  • You see this work as a part of a larger spiritual journey towards aliveness, joy & simplicity.

My clients tend to be passionate creatives ready to reveal their radiance, and see it reflected in the spaces they inhabit in their home, work, community, and world. They are socially and ecologically responsible, devoted to their business or calling, and profoundly creative—whether they know it, or not. They yearn for a space that will nourish, revitalize & inspire them from the moment they walk in the door.

Global Vision

The web has amplified my ability to work with people around the globe. We can work virtually through skype or on the phone .

Explore my virtual & in-person offerings, below…

: Sacred Flow Circles
Virtual women’s circles devoted to dreaming, creating & connecting, for a more conscious world.

: Space Revolution Sessions One-on-one virtual, space healing & design sessions to revolutionize your relationship with your home, studio or office, and unleash flow.