Some artists work with watercolor and rice paper.
Others with molten copper and stone.
I am a designer. An architect. An artist.
My canvas is space. My gift is flow.

My story is a healing exploration of Inner and outer landscapes, a story of deep roots in a journey of Flow. I was born in Peru, where my Amazonian grandmother and beloved grandfather taught me that the land is not just a series of plots to be carved out and consumed, but sacred, alive and divinely powerful.

I moved to the United States just before my seventeenth birthday, and found a culture of scholars & academics in Boston. I was home, again—with Peru still cradled in my heart. I earned my Bachelor of English Literature—and then, my Master of Architecture—from the University of Miami. As a young writer and architect, I lived in Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Paris, Rome and Shanghai, exploring the relationship between natural & human-made environments in some of the most fascinating cities & cultures on earth.

Meaningful Work

I designed organic landscapes where people could align with nature at EDAW (AECOM), sustainable & affordable architecture that residents would be overjoyed to call home at VMWP, and urban pathways and communities that flowed with energy & purpose at Calthorpe Associates. But my spirit was yearning for something that was missing from this body of work—the energetic and spiritual dimension of space.

Liberating Vision

My life has always been heightened by shamanic experiences—from designing a sacred sanctuary on the Inca trail as my master thesis with architectural historian Vincent Scully, to exploring the Sacred Feminine in cross cultural mythology with Priestess Luisah Teish; from earning a year long certification in classical feng shui, to studying tantric yoga with a master practitioner; and from meditating with sacred sounds & mandalas, to drinking Ayahuasca in sacred community rituals. My spiritual practice and brilliant teachers led me closer to living my life’s purpose—though it took years to unveil itself, fully. One day, I saw myself from an aerial view, like a bird held in the wind, with the Bodhisattva vow burning bright in my heart.

I found my path and surrendered to Sacred Flow. I synthesized my diverse gifts—interior, landscape, architectural & urban design through shamanic artistry, poetic writing & intuitive spatial healing—into a new practice, with a distinct intention: inspiring people to heal their relationship with their environment and come alive.

Today, I am leading a space revolution— changing the way people engage with their homes on an aesthetic, symbolic & spiritual level. Because when the world is full of well-loved spaces, creativity, beauty & compassion flow with unbridled ease.

I dream of a world, awakened, connected, inspired. A world, revolutionized—by meaningful spaces that deepen & elevate our sense of what is truly beautiful and possible, in this life. Here’s to poetry, consciousness & love,

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