On finding the right container to grow

By: Marjory Mejia


Love the tuxedo cat and house plants – ariele alasko by boots & pine

Dear wanderers,

It is spring and nature is bursting with life. And I realize I haven’t shared anything with you in over two months. It feels strange, like part of my life has been quietly simmering inside my heart. It also feels natural. How often we force ourselves to produce and thus ignore the rhythms of our natural world. I’ve had the rug pulled under my feet several times since I moved back to the Bay Area and so I am concentrating on breathing and living, on finding stillness in the midst of so much movement.

Dreams, writings, and art-making have all receded like a wave ebbing and waiting for the right moment to flow back into the shore again. The moment is now. The eclipse blasted something open, as though the cosmos catapulted a wave of flow from the depths of winter into the vibrancy of spring.

I have been meditating on the power of space and place as containers that affect us in deep ways. May you find inspiration in these gorgeous containers and rooms where plants find the space to thrive and blossom. We know what plants can do to a space–they can restore balance as they invigorate and enliven our homes (post) and communities (post) while providing habitat for wildlife. For these plants—sunlight, water, nutrients, love, and space are essential to do what they know how to do, grow beautiful. We aren’t that different.

As much as we like to expand, we also need to contain, but contain in such a way that doesn’t limit, inhibit or thwart our growth impulse, but rather, in a way that supports our sense of alignment, integrity, connection and expression. In other words, we need containers that amplify our sense of expansion.

teapot plant

Teapot – Source: Flickr / jasfitz, via thevintaquarian

Geometric planter and gorgeous plant

Geometric glass planter and gorgeous plant via rainysundaycoffee

towards the light plants

Towards the light – suvi sur le vif

franco petrini trebol

Trebol via Franco Petrini

air plants and succulents

design and styling greige

wave pattern plant pot

Love the wave pattern in this pot.

succulent tray via indulgy

Succulent tray via indulgy

plant art

Plant art via from poland with love

terra diamond vases

Terra diamond vases via justina blakeney via 1012 | Terra

justina blakeney plants

Plants via justina blakeney

beautiful pots

Beautiful earthen pots

Tin cans recycled

Tin cans recycled with succulents by Nozomi


Lovely pots and succulents via serendipitous wonderings


The ‘”Modern Dewdrop” hanging planter is crafted using recycled glass by the zensucculent

handmade vase

Handmade ceramic hanging vase

indoor cactus

Love this indoor cacti

geometric dome planter

Handcrafted hardwood dome planter

plants at home - awakening sacred flow - marjory mejia

Pinterest board Plants at home

In your life, what are the conditions that allow for healthy growth? Are the containers where you place yourself able to foster life and allow for movement and flow of energy? Do they inspire your soul?

Sometimes we just need to make a tiny change in our environment to shift the way we feel about our space, ourselves, and the world. Other times, we need to uproot ourselves and find a better container, a container that does not limit our expansion but encourages our growth and blossoming.

With love and gratitude for all the magic. Keep on flowing, dear ones.

Get flowing!

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Apr 18, 2014
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4 responses to “On finding the right container to grow”

  1. Carolina says:

    What a beautiful post Marjorie. It spoke very beautifully to me and my relationship with my space and my “containers”. I hope you’re loving SF again, and I hope to see you again soon. Much much love, besitos Caro

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Dear Caro! It’s so wonderful to have you visit this space. Yes, I am loving San Francisco and falling in love with this beautiful land all over again. Happy to hear this post spoke to your beautiful heart. Nos vemos pronto! Mucho amor, besitos

  2. Ian says:

    These are some beautiful containers! Thank you for this reminder… Sometimes we get so focused in growing we don’t even look at our surroundings.

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Glad you enjoyed them, Ian. It’s so easy to take them for granted. Glad you are paying attention and seeing what is there. :)

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