January, 2013

Bliss dancer: you are made of starlight


Bliss dancer by @citizenzain

Love this photo of Bliss Dancer at BM playa 2010 by yogi @citizenzain

“And a softness came from the starlight and filled me full to the bone.”

~ W.B. Yeats  via @so_you_know

Happy Full Moon dear ones. This is a powerful night to do ritual. To clearing and releasing well. You are made of starlight,

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The sacred voice of all my relations

freedom to all my relations

A large part of my work is teaching others how to see space, place, landscape, and life with their hearts. As a lover of Pachamama, I am devoted to revealing a more feminine way of dwelling, and therefore, appreciate Chief Spence’s precious letter dispelling ignorance and compelling us to care for the rights of indigenous people and the natural environment. Why do I care so much?

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Slowing down to savor life

We rush and escape the gift of the moment. What is the rush? What are we running away from? What are we rushing towards? Faster has been mistakenly translated into better. We eat faster. We builder faster. We fall in and out of love faster. And we destroy faster. Our awareness diminishes at fast speed. We rush and become numb.

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Plants dance with the secret language of flow

The flowing dance of Tillandsia pseudobaileyi  Air Plant “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” Albert Camus Ah, Miami, a place of invisible summer, all year long. Hot, humid, wild, tropical. I realize that in missing other places, I haven’t paid that much attention to this…

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Feminine flow, unfurling through space

I love the sinuous, kinetic, serpentine, swirling, spiraling movements of these beings expressing fluidity. The last one is a woman, a Goddess-like artist able to beautifully embody and transmit this sacred quality, this feminine flow vibrating between the auditory, visual, and tactile dimensions as She unfurls through space.   The work I do is extremely…

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What you can plan is too small for you

As guests of this wise Earth, I pray that we wake up to her beauty and love. The world trembles for our presence. And while there are people already planning the new year, I am opening up in sweet surrender. What to do when you get an amazing gift? Surrender. Open to it. What to do when you get a difficult teaching? Breathe through it, surrender and be kind to yourself and others. I am learning this a little more every day.

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