Welcome! My name is Marjory, I am an Architect and  Priestess of Andean Wisdom, in service of the sacred feminine rising within each one of us.  Initiated in the Q’ero tradition of Cusco, Peru, I practice the magic of ancestral indigenous wisdom flowing from the heart of nature. My work reclaims rituals that feed our soul and empower our spirit with inspiration, creativity,  and meaning.

Please join me if you yearn to experience transformation, liberation, and healing. You are welcome to book a ritual/meditation, purchase a gift, or read my free writings–The Poetics of Feminine Space.

Bless all that is dormant and gently awakening within each one of us; all that is becoming alive and free in the waves of our consciousness and the flesh of our becoming; all that wants to be seen, heard, loved, nurtured; all that wants to receive a YES that shatters old limitations and opens up new possibilities as individuals and as parts of a sacred whole.