Welcome to Sacred Flow! My name is Marjory. I carry and share the indigenous wisdom of my ancestors from the Andes and Amazon of Peru and imbue the gifts I offer with this energy. I share ancestral wisdom flowing from the heart of nature and in this resonance, give voice to messages from Earth and Spirit. I like to create experiences that honor and celebrate a sustainable relationship with our environment. As an initiated  priestess of Andean wisdom in the Q’ero tradition of Cusco, Peru; my work facilitates a healing and intimate connection with Mother Earth.

Please join me if you yearn for transformation, liberation, and healing. You are welcome to book a ritual, purchase a gift, or read my free writings.

Bless all that is dormant and gently awakening within each one of us; all that is becoming alive and free in the waves of our consciousness and the flesh of our becoming; all that wants to be seen, heard, loved, nurtured; all that wants to receive a YES that shatters old limitations and opens up new possibilities as individuals and as parts of a sacred whole.

Experience flow, spaciousness, connection.