This fire in my belly and heart

By: Marjory Mejia

sacred woman

Twinkling galaxies in female form by Taylor Allen

How do you awaken the fire in your belly, the one you know was once there but life seems to have extinguished?  I was asked this question by a sacred flow client recently.

I humbly meditated on the nature of fire and its imminent absence in our bodies and souls. And I remembered this quote by Viktor Frankl:


“What is to give light must endure burning.”


Are you ready to burn? Like a fire in the wild, this fire in our souls needs to be nourished so it can inspire, radiate, and give warmth. At first one must simply listen to one’s heart and follow the inklings of one’s soul to find this inner fire kindled. In our disconnected state with the wild, perhaps no one taught us that this fire in our belly had to be fed with curiosity and playfulness; at other times with love, with discipline, and commitment; and other times with sweat, tears and even blood. This continual burning builds our character, our integrity, our spiritual backbone.

The fire I speak of is not a decorative fire that you will keep at a safe distance and temperature, this is the fire that will consume and transform you, gut you out as it eats and spits out any false image of yourself, and that which doesn’t belong to you is released into the ethers.

You must be willing to burn and melt away in the fire of transformation to rise as phoenix from your own ashes. You must be ready put down, shed, let go, surrender that which no longer serves your soul’s purpose and let the fire take it all away.

The sacred fire in your belly and heart will ask for this and more so you can shine with the light of your own soul. Not the one you borrowed from your mother and father and friends and whoever you try so desperately to please to seek approval and validation from, but your very own.

This fire is the fire of transformation, metamorphosis, alchemy and once you experience its own unique flow, you will emerge transformed, lit up from within, radiant knowing deep in your bones what it means to be alive and filled with the fire of passion.

This fire is interested in what you are willing to sacrifice, give up, and let go of to pursue what you love. In other words, it wants to know if you are willing to grow to become more of who you are in the latent essence that is pulsing to come into being, in the path that is beckoning you as your own to chart.

This fire of transformation entails growth, a shedding of sorts, a letting go of layers of being to reveal the luminosity of your innermost self, liberated.

We have much work to do. May we meet in this sacred fire, bearers of light.

With love,

marjory mejia

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Oct 30, 2016
Categories: writings