I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marjory for several years now.  She has a sense of style that blends simplicity and elegance in all that she does.  I’ve watched her transform spaces and people by contacting the spirit within and moving energy and objects in a way that releases emotions and stirs creativity. A consultation with Marjory is sure to reveal hidden blessings and to produce long-lasting results.

Luisah Teish, Priestess & Author of Jambalaya


I am deeply impressed and moved by Marjory’s work. It was truly amazing on so many levels – so much insight, wisdom and connection. I felt truly blessed and very, very grateful. Marjory has helped me both with feng shui consulting for my home and personal counseling. She prepared a detailed Flow book that analyzed everything about my home from its exterior and placement to a deep assessment of each room. It displayed deep intuition and insight as well as an awesome focus on detail.

As I read it, I realized that she had captured the essence of how I live and the opportunities for improvement.  I am using the analysis to reassess all aspects of how I live, which is why I asked for the personal counseling as well.  I am still at the early stages of following through on her advice but simply implementing her recommendations for my study (where I spend a good part of my days), has led to major changes in how I feel.

I am now much more happy, creative and energized because I have a much greater sense of openness to flow – it is hard to communicate the magnitude of the difference that her recommendations have yielded.  I feel it powerfully on a daily basis.

~ John Hagel, Co-Chairman of Deloitte Center for Edge & Author of The Power of Pull


 Working with Marjory was a joy.  Our meetings and her independent intuitive and analytical work resulted in a book which contains her original writings, woven with myth traditions and astrological knowledge.  When I opened the book she created for me, I felt deeply seen.. I really cannot fully express in an email the balm/medicine in being seen and cared for in this way. What a beautiful blessing it is.  I will turn to it again and again.

Marjory’s vision has helped me to see myself, my space, and my writing in new and empowering ways. Since working with Marjory, I have rearranged two emotionally- and energetically-charged areas of my home–my closet and my study–using Marjory’s recommendations, and have implemented additional suggestions for greater self-nurturing.  The results of this work continue to unfold as I make gradual changes and watch the results. I recommend Marjory and her work to you if you want to the space in which you live to support your highest purpose(s).

~ Angela Kelsey, CEO, writer & speaker


Beautiful space sessions with Marjory – clearing space from the inside out, a renewed focus on all that I love!

It was clearly time for some changes. I wanted to bring more creativity and inspiration into my life and work and decided to try out Marjory’s Space Revolution Program. I am excited about the changes and my next steps. And not only is my office being transformed into an inviting and functional space, it is also already becoming an inspirational incubator for new ideas!

Marjory takes you through a deep process where you get more clear and conscious on what your intentions are and how the space where you spend most of your time can best support you on those endeavors. Part of the Space Revolution Program consisted in de-cluttering my office and rearranging the layout for optimum functionality. I am bringing in plants, new furniture, paintings, and placing some of my own photos on the walls that truly inspires me and expresses who I am. I have to say it is quite a revolution!

But the Space Revolution Program extends far beyond rearranging furniture and decorating a space. For example, Marjory asked me to write an essay on photography which I used to love but had given less and less attention to over the years. It all helped me refocus on what I really enjoy doing and what my talents are. That alone is pretty essential for enjoying a more successful and fulfilling life.

Marjory brings a unique set of knowledge and skills to the table, ranging from architecture, art and design, feng shui, sacred geometry, Chinese astrology, and deep intuition. She knows her stuff and skillfully guides you through a transformational process. I work in the investment field and this is one of those investments I would highly recommend to anyone I meet.

~ Gunnar K. Nilsen, Director of Investments at Sunbelt Enterprises, California


Spiritual. Practical. Wisdom. Those simple words embody Marjory. She has the ability to listen and hear your inner voice. She then helps you lay the foundation and build the framework for your dreams to come true.

Practical: During her feng shui analysis, Marjory guided me within my limited budget and thought of simple, budget-conscious ways to energize my little apartment.

Spiritual: Earlier this year, when I was searching for a new direction with more love in my life I asked Marjory about a ritual I could do to set a new course. Months after she told me about it, I finally did it. Literally the next day I got some bad news from a man I thought had everything I was looking for. Interestingly it was that news that made me decide to pack up and move to a new state – something I had wanted to do for years. Within one week of moving I met an incredible man and I also reconnected with my distant family. I don’t know if it was the simple steps of the ritual that transformed my life, but somehow my voice was heard. Marjory has not only brought feng shui into my life, she has also brought a whole new way of thinking about my dreams and how I can transform my life.

Wisdom: She puts her whole heart into everything she does and brings a wisdom that few in this world possess. Thank you, Marjory. My life would not be the same without you!

~ Jennifer Cofield, Architect, MBA


Marjory is the gift that keeps giving:
a reference librarian of space
a wall to wall alchemist
a home shaman
a space deva

I started my Space Revolution Sessions with her today and I am blown away. To say she tuned in to me and my space would be a euphemism. She tuned ME into my space and myself in ways I did not think I had the bandwidth for. I can tell you from first hand experience that Marjory knows what she is doing. I have worked with many, many in the helping, esoteric, coaching and design fields and she is truly gifted. Within the first thirty minutes of walking with her (via Skype) through my space, I started to see it (and MYSELF) more clearly.

By the end of the first session, she had asked me questions No One had ever asked about my relationship to my space and the world. Two weeks later, they are still in effect–I am working towards a wholly new understanding about what I can do and who I can be–and it goes WAY beyond rearranging furniture and which art to hang on which wall. My work is already affected by the initiation–and I’m stretching to imagine the impact the continued work will have.

SANCTUARY is in effect. Thank you for witnessing, shepherding and celebrating this transition with me. I am truly moved. Ha!! I’m truly moved. That has whole new meaning now. This work blows my mind, starting to see space as sacred. Excited to feel both space pride and space love simultaneously. It feels like I have to heal this relationship with this space so I can have a good relationship with the next space–YES, That’s It. I now have the spatial vocabulary for recognizing my gifts and receiving them more fully.

This flow work book is SO incredible, Marjory! I need to take it all in. Thank you, space shaman.

~ Dyana Valentine, Inspirational muse & Creator of woke up knowing

On art & writing & being

You are like a wave. You don’t like to force things, but you’re also naturally engaged and even when you’re still, there’s an exchange between you and the people you’re with, the environment you’re in… You don’t dress up reality for the sake of aesthetics, instead, you organize reality, highlight certain things, but in consideration of the innate beauty of the whole. ~ Jack Ian Lin, Sustainability Consultant

You are a living mystery school…your blood and bones contain ancient wisdom…your heart is a treasure map to Authentic Self. You ARE a wave and your work in this world goes out to bless all who allow it to touch them. ~ Jacob Nordby, Author & Teacher

 You have the gift of storytelling. You voice is sensual and filled with flesh. I love your stories and they inspire me. Such a beautiful sensual way of writing. Marjory, keep spreading joy and flowing rivers of sensual love for life. ~ Marion Chapsal, Leadership Coach

 Each time I encounter Marjory’s writing, I am drawn, sensually, deliciously into flow. I ‘feel’ more, sense more – as if my mind is being melted into my body, my body melting into the flow of all that is. Her message is sensual, physical yet deeply spiritual. But it isn’t the words that draw me in – it’s the energy. Her gift as a place holder for sacred flow itself – and her patient, welcoming invitation to plunge in. Here we find the power of blooming itself, the essence of the longing of the human soul for emergence into light. ~ Amy Oscar, Soul Intuitive & Author of Sea of Miracles

 As with much art, it is hard to put in to words what attracts and appeals. In the case of your art, there is a sensuality with curves and rhythm that draws me in. The colors are soothing and calming. There is a symmetry that speaks to the rational side but also beauty that speaks to the heart. It is very distinctive art, with a consistent voice and spirit of its own. I love it. ~ John Hagel, Author of The Power of Pull

Kevin WoodMarjory, I wanted to say thank you and express the deepest gratitude from the bottom of my soul. You are truly an inspired being and walk the path of awakening. It’s incredibly inspiring and motivates me throughout my own work. Your art causes me to dive deeper into my own depths. Keep firing soul sister. Massive gratitude! ~ Kevin Wood, artist at Counter Culturist

You are SO wonderful!! Thank you for being on this planet with me. I read a link to you while researching how to survive a Scorpio Transformation since Saturn is in Scorpio right now. Thank you SO much for being here. You are a deep well of wisdom, from which those in need can drink. ~ Larisa Daniels


  • Sending you love in all spaces & dimensions, you brighten any world you inhabit Marjory. ~ @BrightMoments
  • You’re a hostess of the sacredfeminine. MorePowerToYOU! ~@xain
  • Space revolution from Marjory goes SO much deeper than the annual clean-up…A woman radiating her wisdom! ~@ninasnature
  • Marjory, your use of this platform is exemplary, delivering beauty, spirit, poetry and connectedness. ~@notinmy
  • In the middle space work with Marjory and it is changing the way I define “home”. Deep and remarkable work. ~@DyanaValentine
  • Marjory, your words awaken my soul and bring me home. so grateful for you. ~@YolandaPeralta
  • Your posts are always inspiring, Marjory! Serendipity – we are both on the “slow” path. ~@blogbrevity
  • I LOVE what you do for design, Sacred Flow. Must read if you seek sacred or spiritual in your own lifework..~@tkpleslie
  • I absolutely love what @sacredflow is doing with interior space and design. Wow. ~@AmyOscar
  • Your kind of love is so beautiful I feel it spilling from your words. You are essential to humanity’s shift in consciousness. You are vessel that gathers rain drops and spills rainbows. ~@Dj_Sojourner
  • Marjory, te sigo fiel! gracias por tu blog que es un aporte impagable! ~@kettymoralovesu
  • Love the evolution of your work & what you are now offering! bravo. ~@so_you_know
  • Designing a process for a women empowerment retreat. Loving the creation of sacred space. Inspired by Marjory. ~@fer_ananda
  • I love your choice of pictures, and the way you weave between narrative and poetics. Siren’s call, dare to hear it… ~@Satyacolombo
  • In Portland, I felt an intense burst of energy. I turned to look, and it was @sacredflow blessing her breakfast. Wow! This gal is tuned in! ~@pacesmith
  • Just checked your site! Amazing work you do. My brother is studying architecture and has the same dreams to do what you do! ~@purple_cath
  • I love how you call out the need to rescue ourselves from our own inner imperialism. ~@stillmansays
  • Marjory, your spirit shines bright – hard to miss. ~@AjmaniK
  • Yes, Marjory, you art definitely a void dancer! ~@AnthonyLawlor
  • Marjory, you delight me with your inspirations and creative roads. ~@WakingDreamArt
  • I love you for the beauty you offer to the world through your words, your energy, your world view. ~@artemisretreats
  • Sending love to you, too, you gorgeous medicine woman!!! ~@wildheartqueen
  • So lovely!! I just love that there are beings like you doing such beautiful things in the world! ~@crystaldstreet
  • “Awakening spaces & hearts” – that’s @sacredflow and the way I like it. Thanks for your kindness. ~@LorettaLametta

Thank you luminous ones for seeing me with your heart and for giving & receiving this river of sacred flow! For the benefit of all life, blessed be…