Magical land

By: Marjory Mejia

Live in simple faith…
Just as this
trusting cherry
flowers, fades, and falls.


New life is blossoming with beautiful surprises that delight the heart. These new bursts of life reminds us of what is starting to blossom in our hearts and lives. Enjoy these images of the beautiful East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area that captured my heart the moment I touched this magical land. I take these photos on my daily walks.









Remain faithful to the earth, my brothers and sisters,
with the power of your virtue. Let your gift-giving
love and your knowledge serve the meaning of the
earth. Thus I beg and beseech you. Do not let them fly
away from earthly things and beat with their wings
against eternal walls. Alas, there has always been so
much virtue that has flown away…back to the body,
back to life, that it may give the earth a new meaning…
Verily, the earth shall yet become a site of recovery.
And even now a new fragrance surrounds it bringing
salvation-and a new hope.


I offer blessings to Mother Earth for her constant giving and patience, for always opening her heart to us, for tending our dreams in the secret wild gardens of her body. May we remember to open our hearts and enter her wild places with awe and love,  rapt in reverence!


Get flowing!

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Feb 17, 2010
Categories: writings