Healing Mandalas for the Soul

“What art offers is space–a certain breathing room for the spirit.” ~ John Updike

My poem: Ayahuasca in my blood

This is the art that crawls up
through my bones my blood
the flow of my heart
the breath that gives me life
spilling out through my hands my lips
the words and lines that dance and sing
going back and forward
in time not a straight line
seeing for the first time
reaching beyond
lifting the veil
getting in though the cracks
pausing and waiting for my exhale
emptying out
now there is space
roots so deep they
reach my heart
medicine rushes in
working while I sleep
awakening to the forces
cleansing the path
on their way home
softening the nodes
releasing darkness
into the brightness of being.


Healing mandalas that awaken, inspire & nourish your deepest self.

What flows through these mandalas are melodies, sounds formations, woven lines of energy with the scintillating power of LOVE, the ultimate driving force of the universe, the universal energy, consciousness, and spirit that flows and expresses itself through each one of us in a unique and beautiful way.

In sacred art, we find healing patterns as pure reflections of this driving force and heightened state of awareness. Simply being in its presence can awaken your life purpose, your deepest calling—your ability to open to the currents of nature, your own nature, Sacred Flow. 


healing mandala

Radiance Mandala


mandala of fluidity healing

 Whirlwind Butterfly Mandala

Mandala by Marjory Mejia


healing mandala sessions

Heart Flow Mandala

mandala sessions

Inner Fire Mandala

sacred mandalas

Waves of Energy Mandala

Spider Flower Mandala by Marjory Mejia

Spider Flower Mandala

sacred woman art Marjory MejiaWomb of Life Mandala

Seeds of freedom mandala

Seeds of Freedom Mandala

opening the heart mandala sessions

Heart Drops Mandala

mandala flower

Lotus flower Mandala

healing love mandala

Shasta Love Mandala

medusa mandala


Medusa Mandala

healing mandala

Star Leaves Mandala


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