Breathe new life into your space with plants

By: Marjory Mejia

Beautiful plant. Olga Bennett for peppermint magazine, via stampel, via sfgirlbybay

Does your heart vibrate to the rhythm of gardens, plants, flora in the wild? You can develop a relationship with this realm right at home and by doing so improve the ecology of your home space. I have written elsewhere about our need to embrace our wildlife in our physical communities and evolve our masculine architecture into an architecture that is more organic, feminine, nourishing and alive. In the meantime, this is an invitation to bring and celebrate our love of nature indoors.

We have evolved in close contact with our natural surroundings, and it is, therefore, natural to crave the different textures, forms, sights, sounds, and scents of the natural world. We too are part of nature, although it is tempting to forget that when we enclose ourselves in cold and hard spaces that are out of tune with the pulse of life. Household plants could be one of the most neglected elements of home renovation since people may prefer other improvement projects such as painting walls, adding new furniture pieces, electrical repairs (perhaps by looking for the best electricians in Sydney or elsewhere), lighting fixtures, etc., to create a better flow of interiors. However, plants and indoor landscaping can accentuate the house interiors and breathe new life into your personal space.

Indoor air quality is very important in today’s world. Most of us might have a ductless air conditioner to keep our indoor air clean and safe. While these can be quite effective in ensuring that pollen, dust, and other particulates are filtered out, keeping indoor plants can help energize, soothe, and heal our digitized souls. When we bring more of nature inside our space and take care of plants at home, we get so much in return for we are feeding our soul with the vitality and flow of the plant world and nourishing our own ability to nurture life.

Plants can transform a space or place that feels barren and lifeless, into an environment that feels lush and vibrant. Take, for instance, this scenario. Suppose you are building a she shed–you might have done everything right, starting from planning the space correctly, putting the right amount of furniture pieces to applying the right color. But it might still appear a bit lifeless. You may feel that there is something still missing- that one last finishing touch. In that case, you should try putting some beautiful indoor plants in your she shed–it can instantly transform the space into a more lively area where you would want to hang out every now and then.

Remember that plants are so much more than decorative elements; they are alive with consciousness. They go through intricate processes and are part of complex ecosystems. Plants have been here much longer than humans and have many ancient teachings and medicine for those patient enough to listen, pay attention, and take in their wisdom.

Plants enliven, invigorate, revitalize and soften any space by adding a burst of life, color, breath and energy (chi). When we invite plants into our space and life, the air we breathe is more fresh, vital and alive; we are exploring and celebrating our relationship with life! Try to incorporate more plants into your living room. If you need ideas on arranging the plants, consider checking blogs like Dishwasher Creations. Research well in order to understand how the plants can add color and texture to the room.

Lush environments

Here are a variety of spaces brightened with the presence of plants.

hanging vases analogue life

Hanging Vases from Jurgen Lehl, suspended from rope that is handmade from the bark of the Japanese lime tree.

decor 8

Color crush: Plant & Earth Tones with Broste Copenhagen via decor 8


Marcela Gutiérrez and Miquel Polidano via freundevonfreunden

wall plants

Gorgeous wall plants via Visit waterproofvalentines

plants dining room art

Love the flora flow as dining-room-art via Victoria | sfgirlbybay via

Kati Heck plants

Plants in the Kati Heck studio

plant divider

Amazing display of plants | space divider via lifeonsundays

Lush plants via ELLE Decoration 0613 Styling Bilder Trend Kråkvik D’Orazio

Sweet plant collection brightening a room. Photo by Julia

hanging plants

Love this contemporary hanging plants via Satsuki Shibuya


Plants can even brighten up so called utilitarian areas. Photo of Kim Victoria’s home via The Design Files


Lovely window plants via vtwonen

organic living room table + plants

Organic coffee table + plants. Unknown source via adored vintage

 Gorgeous plants in the flat of interior designer ulli zelle via about curiousity

Plants in the flat of interior designer Ulli Zelle via aboutcuriousity

beautiful living room space

Love all the details in this beautiful space. The biggest plant is Sansevieria, aka snake plant, aka mother in law’s tongue, an air purifier and thrives even when neglected. Via oldbrandnewblog


Styling: Linda Åhman. Foto: Maria Richardsson / Nordic Design Collective


Atelier Sukha via vosgeparis

Serena Mitnik-Miller's general store via refinery29

Serena Mitnik-Miller’s general store via refinery29

What a lush corner of planted drawers at Crimson in Temescal, Oakland


Love the light, the floors, the old sewing chair from the ’20s, the salvaged cornice pieces. The home of Ariael Dearie via designsponge

plants at home via kinfolk

Plant corner via kinfolk


Balcony garden inspiration via atrium-balcony


Lovely plant by radiator via emmas.blogg and sfgirlbybay

Amazing plant corner, wooden floors, natural light. Great space. By forme-foryou

adriaan louw plants

Love the white, the plants, the art. Photographed by adriaan louw via sfgirlbybay

Love this wild corner in this bedroom via

This indoor/outdoor plant sanctuary

This indoor/outdoor plant sanctuary shown in Skona Hem via decor 8

Beautiful porch adorned with plants

Beautiful porch adorned with plants at Agrifuturismo, a Tuscan farm house via castellina.

ELLE Decoration 0613 Styling Bilder Trend Kråkvik D'Orazio

Lush space with plants via elle.

patio plants lovely tile

Plants + tile in patio via tigershark198


Colorful space with plants, issue #6 of Rue Magazine via purehome

Argentinian artist Pablo Piatti’s ‘Tropical Birds’ Mural, full of exotic birds and plants at the BOFFO showhouse. Photo via atelierchristine


Plants are living things. Space of Matsuki-kousuke, photo via sfgirlbybay

light filled space

Love this picture/moment with the cat, plant in this light filled creative space. The home of Sophie Schellekens as seen on Design Skool, via decor 8.

Beautiful space, open and wild with plants.

Beautiful space, open and wild with plants. The home of Maria Cornejo and photographer Mark Borthwick, the couple’s light-filled, eclectic Brooklyn brownstone is on Civilian Global via totokaelo.

If you like this post and love the flow of plants, you can follow my pinterest board Plants at home, read my article on Living Healing Gardens: Breathing life, plants dance with the secret language of flow, and read this article via kinfolk that illuminates ways to nourish your ability to nurture life if you think you got a black thumb.

We are interdependent beings sharing this pulsing breath that connects us all together. Wired in our being is the yearning and ability to commune with all life. May we let the presence of flora in our spaces and hearts, awaken, transform, and activate the flow of our souls.

With love,

Get flowing!

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Jan 13, 2014
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