The joy of blooming, a story of love

By: Marjory Mejia


Happy Summer Solstice! Summer begins today and I am delighted to share this post I wrote for the blooming wisdom summer series for beloved story alchemist Amy Oscar from last year.

Blooming, a story of love

When I hear the word blooming, I see flowers and I’m filled with joy. They are precious gifts from Mother Earth. I invite you to call on their feminine essence and joyful medicine to inspire and support your blossoming. Because your blossoming is essential to life.

I know what it feels like to be a bud that can’t wait enough for the ripeness of flower. There are many of us. We rush. We push. We resist the organic unfolding of life. We soon find out that resistance takes more energy. It is exhausting, debilitating. What to do? We sense our ripening and at the same time fear our vulnerability. We crave blooming and yet we hide from our own beauty and splendor. We are intimidated by the magnificence of our own iridescent light born from the dark and moist soil of experience.

Until something shifts, until the magical moment of surrender blesses us with grace and we escape our nature no more. We find the conditions that help us blossom. We start to flow and surrender to the power of life, opening us to this realization deep in our souls, hearts, and every fiber of our being:

“The risk to remain tight in a bud [is] more painful than the risk it [takes] to blossom” ~Anaïs Nin

Take a deep breath, let this thought sink into your soul, which, like every flower on this gorgeous earth, knows how to bloom. Feel the gentleness in each petal opening with fierceness, candor and curiosity. Pain, resistance and shame melt and burn away in the fire of summer.

Flower blossom, you are glorious.

Blooming is an act of love, expression, and connection. The embodiment of generosity, opening in sweet surrender to the sacred flow of life. A burst of color, aliveness, expansion, nature realizing her own sacredness.

Blooming exudes sensuality. Lush, luscious, life lavishing life force. It’s in your DNA scriptures, your sacred contract with life. In you the moment you took your first breath. Your blooming will look different than mine and it will happen in its own sweet time. All you got to do is get out of our own way. Let nature do her sacred work so that you may blossom.

Blooming will come and will ask that you offer yourself to the world because you come alive this way. Trust it.

Blooming is no solo act, it is a collaborative effort. Blooming is rising from the mud as lotus blessing the earth that gave you life.

Blooming is that delicious fluttering in your heart. Blooming is growing into the fullness of your being. Blooming is letting your wisdom become perfume.

Blooming is inhabiting every inch of your body with reverence. Blooming is reveling in joy. Blooming is overflowing with honey. Blooming is your soul rising to the surface of your skin. Blooming is enjoying your spirited flesh. Blooming is unfurling your deepest potential. Blooming is singing your song with ardor.

Blooming is YOU ripening as flower, sharing the story of your soul with the world. A story of love. I want to tenderly hold and celebrate your story, the one blooming with joy in the garden of your heart this summer.

Get flowing!

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Jun 20, 2012
Categories: writings