April, 2020

A sacred time of Initiation

Hello beautiful beings,

In these times of global transformation, we might feel at times unable to digest or navigate the changes in our environment and world at large. There is a sense of constant change, of the unknown, of mystery lingering in the air. It is a sacred time of initiation. Please be kind to yourselves. 

Sometimes we are called into initiation individually, sometimes collectively. But what is initiation you might ask. In the words of beautiful mystic writer Toko-pa Turner:

“By its very nature, initiation is a humbling of the will. It comes as a tsunami would, wild with nature, shattering us on all levels. And though every part of us may mount resistance to being changed, we are not meant to emerge intact…Rather, we are meant to be disillusioned, dissolved, disappointed before any thought of rebuilding can begin.” 

A time of surrender

The pandemic is exposing and revealing all the places that need strengthening and tending in our inner and collective systems. It is a sacred time of undoing, unlearning, and deep remembering. It is a time of caring for the spaces that yearn for healing.

To embrace the new–we must release that which no longer serves us, cultivate our life force, and offer the gifts of our medicine. I can’t deny that I feel validated when the messages I get from Spirit are confirmed by elders in the indigenous spiritual community.

In the words of elder Elena Bernabe, she urges the women to untie the knots of our hair which will in turn help untie the knots in our hearts. Thus, she counsels us to “remove all parts of you that are no longer fertile.” I have been holding space for this process for myself and clients for many years now. It is challenging and essential soul work to live authentic lives.

We are invited to become present in our own bodies, to journey into our hearts, to root into the earth, to dip our toes and immerse ourselves in the waters of the feminine—to rest, restore, replenish, and cultivate our life force. To witness ourselves in this chrysalis stage. 

Not only is it time to release that which does not belong within us but also to usher our medicine from the depths of our being. You are a vital thread in the web of creation with potent medicine to heal the world. You can tap into your sense of purpose to help you navigate the new emerging landscape. 

May we reclaim the essence of our being and become more fully ourselves as we connect to the wisdom of our ancestors and Mother Earth. The more we root into our origins the more we will be able to embody our medicine, offer our gifts to the world, and shine the bright light the world yearns for right now.

Below is the beautiful and poignant message from wise Elder Malidoma Some. There is precious medicine in his words:

In the words of beloved wise Elder Malidoma Some, who calls our present period a time of initiation:

“The medicine we brought to this planet is yet to be unleashed fully.” 

With love,


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Apr 28, 2020
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