March, 2015

A creative space of flow

amazing flora wall at studio by khintonslash via flickr | awakening sacred flow

Amazing jungle flora creative studio. Photo by khintonslash

Dear ones,

How do we open up to more creativity in our work and lives? Personally, I love the initial burst of inspiration but I also love the sustained rhythm of focus, tenacity and determination that carries my work through the valleys and peaks of expression. They work in unison, like the yin and yang of creation.

Our creativity is not confined to our physical creative spaces as it is often fed by the activities that nourish our life force outside of them. Nevertheless, having a creative space can help us ground our being to feel the creative fire burning in our heart and new waves of flow taking us to new horizons.

Some of us may find our creative space is, in fact virtual, with many choosing to explore social media as a way of expressing themselves. Social media is, of course, a great place to share your creativity with others, which is why some may want to know how to buy Instagram followers, so it can really open up new creative avenues.

There is so much energy in the well of creation where we can dip our toes and immerse ourselves to find inspiration. Because the creative life can take us to the very edge of what we deem possible or real, it is therefore an edge many fear-fear of the unknown, fear of losing control, fear of making mistakes.

Sometimes all we need to explore our creativity with courage is a space that feels harmonious, a space that inspires and reminds us of our purpose, dreams, and intentions, of what it means to be present to our work with an open mind and heart. A space that can help us connect to ourselves in moments of forgetfulness or disconnect. A space where we can feel held and safe and free to explore our work.

How often we deny ourselves what we need most. Fine tuning our environment to fit our needs can help center, energize, soothe and expand our soul. Say yes to a space that activates and nourishes the imagination of your soul, the strength of your spirit, the flow of your heart.

Say yes to your creativity

These are some of the conditions that can help create a space where we feel safe, energized, and inspired to do our best work. Some of them will resonate more than others. We are all unique and respond differently to the various physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of space. I will be applying some of these lessons in my new office at work where I spend so many hours crafting architectural spaces and communities.

You may not have room for all these elements because you probably spend most of your day in cubicles sitting on the ergonomic chairs and staring at your computer (on the office monster desks), in cafes, or on the road. However, know that you can improve your creative experience and overall well-being by incorporating one or two of these elements. (Trust me these methods can really prove to be beneficial and help you immensely.)

Each one of these feng shui elements can help unleash our flow, open our awareness, and further awaken our consciousness:

  • A sense of support – A wall behind you is ideal. We essentially want to create the feeling that we are supported.
  • Color – It bring us into balance. Do you need to enliven or soothe your soul? Color accordingly. Bright, warm colors add a spark of energy while cool colors calm our soul and add depth.
  • Circulation – Can you walk with ease int his space or is your path blocked? Open up the path of movement and circulation in your space.
  • Light – Being close to a natural source of light is ideal, but if you are not near a natural source, have artificial lighting that illuminates your work area.
  • Air – It is ideal to have access to a window that can be opened. If not available, it helps to have an essential oil diffuser with a combination of oils that freshens up the air. There are some essential oils that can help the respiratory system in enclosed spaces without natural ventilation.
  • OrganizationClutter clear your space and mind on a regular basis and get rid of what clouds your clarity and inhibits your expression. This ritual will allow you to focus. Clutter clear your space, but don’t make it barren or sterile.
  • Plants – If your space is stuffy and filled with toxins, you might find it hard at times to concentrate and get work done. Plants supply our spaces with oxygen and make the air we breathe cleaner, brighter. Their chi has an effect on own energy. Plants are a source of vitality! Breathe new life into your space with plants. Invite in their wild wisdom and growth into your space and life.
  • Embrace the mess – not to be confused with clutter – Clutter has stagnant energy; a creative mess is dynamic, spontaneous, alive. Do you have space to make a creative mess? The creative process is messy so allow yourself to go there..
  • Inspiration – A view that expands your field of vision is ideal. If there is no view, artwork that represents a view, a landscape, whatever you find pleasing, inspiring, soothing, calming, energizing can equally activate the part of you that seek openness and expansion. Create a space with symbols that resonate with your vision and inspire your being. Words that remind you of what is possible also fall under this category. Some of my favorite in these spaces:
Do more of what makes you happy
bright sunny workspace of Julia Kostreva via refinery20 | awakening sacred flow

The bright sunny workspace of Julia Kostreva via refinery20

Smitten Studio work space via mittenstudioonline | awakening sacred flow

Plants in this light filled and spacious work space of Smitten Studio

Bright studio space via atelierrueverte | awakening sacred flow

Small plants by the window invigorate this bright studio space via atelierrueverte

Plants and flora flow via lizmarieblog | awakening sacred flow

Love the plants and flora art in this studio / greenhouse styled by Femke Pastjin via lizmarieblog

designer Tanja Vibe's workspace via theultralinx | awakening sacred flow

Love the emerald artwork + accents in Designer Tanja Vibe’s inspiring workspace via the ultra linx

bureau via thesocialfamily | awakening sacred flow

Lovely space with carefully chosen memorabilia via thesocialfamily Le bureau de Clothilde, photos de famille et portrait d’iris.

Creative space of designer Shaina Mote in sunny LA studio via gardenista | awakening sacred flow

Plants in the creative space of designer Shaina Mote in sunny LA studio via gardenista

Love the light, the art, the curving wall via hegeinfrance | awakening sacred flow

Love the light, the art, the curving wall…Back to work Monday photo Alvhem via hegeinfrance

do more of what makes you happy creative work corner via blog.uncovet | awakening sacred flow

It’s amazing what you can do in a tiny corner. Do more of what makes you happy. Via blog.uncovet

bright desk creative space via decor8blog | awakening sacred flow

Bright desk space of interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg photographed by Petra Bindel via decor8blog

Bronwyn Poole via Emerita | awakening sacred flow

Minimalist creative space of Bronwyn Poole via Emerita


Studio of Louisiana Artist Rebecca Rebouché via melaniebiehle

The studio of Mati Rose via adventuresinmaking | awakening sacred flow

The studio of Mati Rose via adventuresinmaking

Emma Reddington office via The Marion House | awakening sacred flow

Love the twine line with clothespins to hang prints for inspiration and ideas. Office of Emma Reddington via The Marion House

Cassie's house in Sydney  by Méchant Design by awakening sacred flow

Openness in this office. Australian stylist Cassandra Karinsky in Sydney via Mechant Design

MariStudio2 by mrechopark via flickr | awakening sacred flow

Jewel-like. Mari Andrews art studio by mrechopark via flickr

bright, narrow office space with light and natural wood via flor | awakening sacred flow

A narrow space transforms into a bright, functional office nook with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a custom-built desk. Office space of David Boyle architect via flo

DIY mid-centure wall unit via oldbrandnewblog | awakening sacred flow

DIY mid-century desk wall unit via oldbrandnewblog

Serene Sunken Treasure Studio via apartmentheraphy | awakening sacred flow

Lovely light and reading corner by the window in the Sunken Treasure’s Studio via apartment therapy.

Bright, green office space of Ohnorachio via Ohnorachio | awakening sacred flow

Bright, green office space of Ohnorachio

airstream of  Andreas Stavropoulos via Dwell | awakening sacred flow

More organic space with a few splashes of color. Airstream space transformation of architect Andreas Stavropoulos via Dwell

I’m ok
Love the creative studio of Lisa Congdon via fromyourdesks | awakening sacred flow

Love this iteration of the creative studio of Lisa Congdon via fromyourdesks

Amazing office space by Skylab Architecture : Hoke Residence via bloodandchampagne | awakening sacred flow

Skylab Architecture : Hoke Residence via bloodandchampagne

The world is your oyster
office space by alwhem via sfgirlbybay | awakening sacred flow

The world is your oyster. Photos courtesy of alvhem via sfgirlbybay

Geninne's Art Studio in Mexico via apartment therapy | awakening sacred flow

Geninne’s Art Studio in Mexico via apartment therapy

houseofc_kaiku via houseofc | awakening sacred flow

Art + plants + light = love. Kaiku creative space via house of c

say yes via dressdesigndecor | awakening sacred flow

Say yes to your creativity. Photo from Australia Vogue Living Via daniellamarieblog

.. yes ..

I wish we considered our creativity sacred, with the power to offer beauty and wisdom to the world, worth all of our attention, patience, courage and care. Whether we have our own dedicated creative space or a tiny corner where we can let our imagination run free, I wish for all of us to keep the rhythm of our creative energy flowing in a way that makes sense to us without stifling the life force of our creations. May our work be a force of good in this beautiful, delicate web of life.

May we say yes to our creativity and feel spacious, creative, alive. Today marks the Spring equinox in the norther hemisphere. I dedicate this post to all of life awakening in each one of us.

With love,

marjory mejia

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