February, 2012

A leap of trust

Photo, Pina Bausch, German Modern Dancer & Choreographer

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.” – Henry Miller

And once you are on the edge in that sacred space
where the river becomes ocean

all you got to do is leap
leap into the fullness of your being
leap into the immensity of your essence

leap into the space yearning for your bright unfurling.

Trust you will be held by your growing power.
You’ve got all of creation rooting for your expansion.

With love,




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Feb 29, 2012
Categories: writings

The nature of your gift

What if I told you that “my work is loving the world” ~ Mary Oliver and that I learned this from you in the belly of the earth. that good things come to those who wait. that your patience, patience imbued with love, is life giving, that it is a gift only if you share it.

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Liberating the story underneath

Feel the ancestral pull of nature. To unearth the story underneath. Liberate it. Ancestral is the pull to remember, to make whole and discover the nature of flow. Flow is punctuated, colored, layered by moments that narrow and widen, darken and lighten, descend and ascend through the landscape of your heart.

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