Welcome to Sacred Flow! My name is Marjory, I am an Architect, Product Designer, and Priestess of Andean Wisdom, in service of the sacred feminine rising within each one of us.  Initiated in the Q’ero tradition of Cusco, Peru, I practice the magic of ancestral indigenous wisdom flowing from the heart of nature. My work reclaims Indigenous rituals that feed our soul and empower our spirit with inspiration, creativity,  and meaning. You are welcome to book a healing session or read my free writings at The Poetics of Feminine Space. Here is a poem I wrote many moons ago:

Ayahuasca in my blood

This is the art that crawls up
through my bones my blood
the flow of my heart
the breath that gives me life
spilling out through my hands my lips
the words and lines that dance and sing
going back and forward
in time not a straight line
seeing for the first time
reaching beyond
lifting the veil
getting in though the cracks
pausing and waiting for my exhale
emptying out
now there is space
roots so deep they
reach my heart
medicine rushes in
working while I sleep
awakening to the forces
cleansing the path
on their way home
softening the nodes
releasing darkness
into the brightness of being.