Touched by Madre Selva. On the edge of the wild Amazon

My journey into the heart of the Amazon began in Iquitos,
chaotic, hot, humid, loud, alive. A portal into the wild.

There are spaces that throb with passion,
edges that pulse with a vitality and rhythm of their own.

Magical zones between the natural and human made,
places that evoke in us the wildest dreams and memories.

Moments between the urban and primal
that summon the power of life,
giving us a taste of what was or is to come.

Pockets where the old and the ancient witness our every breath,
where you realize what is worth preserving, protecting, conserving
is much bigger than you.

The malecon undulates in serpentine movements,
playing with the contours of river and city.

Inhaling and exhaling, on the edge of the wild
my stretches, grows, expands
to touch the heart of the amazon.

Mi viaje en rumbo al corazón del Amazonas comenzó en Iquitos,
caótico, húmedo, caluroso y vibrante. Un portal hacia lo indómito.

Hay lugares que laten con pasión,
márgenes que pulsan con una vitalidad y ritmo propio.

Zonas mágicas entre lo natural y lo artificial,
lugares que inspiran en nosotros sueños y memorias más salvajes.

Instantes entre lo urbano y lo primal,
que nos dan el sabor de lo que fue or será.

Espacios donde lo viejo y antiguo presencian nuestra respiración,
donde descubres que lo que necesitas preservar, proteger, conservar
es mucho más grande que tú.

El malecón se ondula en movimientos serpentinos,
jugando con los contornos del río y la ciudad.

Inhalando y exhalando, al borde de lo salvaje,
el corazón se extendiende, crece y expande
para tocar al corazón del Amazonas.

What are the places that touch you, that take you to your edge, that dissolve your edges?

I would love to know. With love,


  • Ilze

    Such a beautiful post. Every word you write speaks to me, even though I have never been there… and perhaps wouldn’t even be that touched by the place had I gone there. Yet your words ewoke memories and longings inside of me that transcend specific preferences and come from god knows what depths of unconsciousness…

    Thank you. :)

    • Marjory Mejia

      Kind thanks for your generous sharing. Delighted that you feel this way Lize. Equally touched by your beautiful open heart feeling so much. Bless

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