The Womb of Life Mandala (card size)

The Womb of Life Mandala, an offering to the Feminine.

Bowing to the power of the Divine within, the Womb of Life reveres the sacred space from which all creation flows into manifestation. Its lines are trails of energy; they curve and undulate  creating a magical container of essence that invites you to explore its many dimensions. Enter the Mandala, listen to the echoes of your own being, and allow your organic nature to emerge.

“The Womb of Life Mandala from Sacred Flow alchemist Marjory Mejia now moves with me, wherever I go. In these times of transformation, there are many moments I feel challenged, agitated, frustrated and invited – to stop. The challenge being: I have to let go of old habits. I’m happy for this carry-with-me shrine. Holding it very close to my eyes, the micro cosmos transforms to a macro and I’m drawn in the Womb of Life of the sacred birthing. Let the new chapter begin.” ~ Nina Judin, creative bookbinding artist & magical perfume maker

The Womb of Life Mandala (card size) is  $19

The Womb of Life Mandala is printed on sustainably harvested wood veneer. It supports meditation, relaxation, healing and the embodiment of your true nature. Take this mandala with you wherever you go, meditative power at your fingertips! Click here for shipping & return policy.