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The scintillating power of YES

Molly's soliloquy and Phoenix by Helen Miranda Wilson

Phoenix by Helen Miranda Wilson, gouache on paper

Bring on the NO to injustice, to indifference, to reckless disregard for life. Rip to shreds the NO that defines life in oppressive ways. This NO puts a lid on our true calling before it has had a chance to explore life. Our sense of adventure can’t help but dwindle in the presence of this life denying NO.

When all you have heard in the ‘real world’ is NO. Part of you says NO as well! NO says: It can’t be done. It is out of reach. It is irrational. it is just a dream, an impossible dream, which in turn makes you a dreamer, too sensitive, too emotional, too deliriously alive for its dull taste.

Such talk degrades sacred vision. It inhibits flow and shuts down creativity. Grace strikes and you reach a boiling point when you have had enough. You are on the verge and feel this power bigger than life become a dragon that breathes you alive. The dormant serpent coiled at the bottom of your spine awakens and blazes divine through your whole being.


Ulysses by James JoyceThis same pulsing life is latent in the dream. It exists in the the vision that wants to swell into reality, into an ultimate YES bigger than life. It is the YES that rolled out of the mouth of Molly in Ulysses (Gabler Edition) (1906) by James Joyce, the book that turned literature around with the quintessential flow of his feminine writing. This female character uttered a roaring YES in a gesture that celebrated life with gusto, without fear, without submitting to anything or anyone. This is power, to know your essence and sing it in pure affirmation. A Goddess. Out her throat and lips came a YES that shattered all the oppressive NOs into nothingness. Nothingness.

Molly got it, with her body, with her soul, with her every bone. Every loud NO that sought to strangle the creative life force in her became silent and bowed to this unapologetic YES. This is the YES that opens doors, especially the ones that seem nonexistent.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
~Joseph Campbell

A YES that shatters all oppression into possibility. A YES that deconstructs the walls that prevents us from seeing new depths and horizons within ourselves and along our journey. A YES that opens worlds. Super powers? Maybe. Or perhaps it is a matter of seeing what has always been there, under a new light, a new scent, a new presence, a new vision.

I allow myself to trust this hunger, this ravenous hunger. It takes me to the edge, “on the verge” of this unlocking, undoing, unfurling to release the most multi-colored YES, the one that will make the the whole earth shake in unison.

Punctuation takes the back seat and stream of consciousness leads the way, organically, poetically. Enraptured utterances of YES from Molly’s Soliloquy:

…I love flowers I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses God of heaven there’s nothing like nature the wild mountains then the sea and the waves rushing then the beautiful country with fields of oats and wheat and all kinds of things.. my God after that long kiss I near lost my breath yes he said was a flower of the mountain yes so we are flowers all a woman’s body yes that was one true thing he said in his life and the sun shines for you today yes that was why I liked him because I saw he understood or felt what a woman is..yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will yes. ~ Molly in Ulysses

Molly’s YES is not just a mental YES. Her whole body screams YES. It shows Feminine Power in her divine capacity to surrender, to receive, to manifest out of thin air, to open to the currents of life, to let creation happen through her, to claim her sacred throne in the scheme of things.

YES to unleashing the feminine in her true embodiment. It has taken me 12 years since that semester in college when I first fell in love with Joyce’s divinely feminine writing to share this YES with you all. It is here to stay. Breathe and listen to this YES reverberate all the way into the past and future in spirals that bring our scattered selves together.

YES to this spark in our eyes, YES to the waves of the ocean reflecting sunlight, YES to rolling in the mud, YES to feeling the earth YES to the stars twinkling in the night YES to our wild selves YES to these bodies breathing spirit YES to our sacred scars YES to listening YES to creating from the wisdom of our hearts YES to revealing the sacredness of our spaces YES to all the songs that want to be sung by us YES to awakening each other

YES to saying YES multiple times, until we unlock the sacred gates of flow. YES to desire YES to love YES to life YES to all

yes Yes YES!


  • Ian Lin

    A voluminous post Marjory! What rhythm and momentum! I had to read it aloud in my mind and even the words wanted to jump out into the air. You expand the momentum of Joyce’s meaning. I’m going to go outside and yell now…

  • LunaJune

    YES…to the day…in every possible way
    with hands thrown wide open
    face towards the sky
    a smile from nose to toes…
    and the only answer is….


    and everyday that I say YES to… unfolds in such a wonderful way

    I love the picture of you at the top…

  • Roxanne

    Ah, my lovely. So many thoughts.

    In conflict management, dispute resolution and negotiation, we use a book called “Getting to Yes.” This post reminded me of it and showed me how to bring beauty to what I do.

    Also, I just wrote a post on feminism and feminine power and was thinking of you the entire time. I have been keeping you in my heart through your move and have been mostly silent because I believe in letting people experience change first by themselves, but I am cheering you on from afar and am soaking in your every word.

    • Marjory

      Dear Roxanne,
      Wow, working with YES in conflict resolution. Brilliant. Thank you for gently
      holding space for me. Just read and commented on your post. Love it!
      Bravo for coming out and saying YES! It is such a joy delight in this connection!

  • Jennifer

    I’m faciliting a self-acceptance workshop for women in May. We will be doing a celebratory free dance at the end – I may quote your YES paragraph during the flow – inspiration to soar!

  • Marjory

    nice to meet you! Your workshop sounds wonderful. So honored you
    might quote might quote my YES paragraph. Delighted!

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