The heart of feminine space–the spell of the sensuous bedroom

The curves of this feminine bedroom melt my heart. Via welcometothejungalow

Hello beautiful ones,

We earthlings are naturally wired to be drawn to spaces that nurture our life force. This winter, I can’t help but feel its call to dive in within the crevices of my heart in spaces and places that nourish my soul. Are you feeling the same pull?

I am feeling drawn to explore the bedroom as a realm of sleep, rest, and dreamtime—a space that not only serves to nurture our physical bodies but one that also acts as a portal to other realms within ourselves and the universe, a space that catapults us into deeper states of being.

In the spell of the sensuous

This post is an invitation to discover the bedroom as the quintessential feminine space (yin), a sacred space we mostly inhabit at night, under moonlight, with our eyes closed, as we succumb to the call and spell of the sensuous, the unconscious. The bedroom beckons us every night to empty out and emerge reborn in this space of regeneration and mystery, a safe cocoon that shelters our being in our most vulnerable state—sleep. We come in depleted and emerge renewed, invigorated, alive.  It is in this space where we dream, pray, love and get revitalized. It is this magical space that cradles our soul in the night so we can live more fully awakened in the day.

How do we infuse our bedroom space with love so that it becomes a sanctuary for our life?

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” ~Mary Oliver

The bedroom is that space that awakens the wild in us. A part of us goes to sleep and another part of us takes over in the space that tantalizes our senses, calms our minds, soothes our spirit and tickles our imagination, where the softness that feels nourishing on our naked skin feeds the animal in all of us, where this close contact helps us let go and surrender our days burdens, concerns, worries to voyage and dissolve into the night in a way that restores our whole being.

I personally wish for a more organic architectural language in the bedroom (and bathroom) where we have the opportunity to slow down and get in close contact with the organic nature of our naked selves and flows. May you find inspiration in these bedrooms. Most of these spaces still have hard edges, but they are softened by the quality of light, textures, colors, plant life, patterns, art, symbolism and a sense of narrative— all of which are woven together to create a rich multi-sensory experience that is soulful and offers a more feminine way of inhabiting the world.

All that now exists was once imagined.
“all that now exists was once imagined” wire art via at homeinlove
lush bedroom
Lush design by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger. Photo by Oly. via lonny
natural bedroom
Gorgeous bedroom of the the family home project |CLAUDIA, LEVI + EVE
bedroom alive
Beautiful bedroom. Laoshe #1
natural bedroom
Love. Simple styling and natural color palette via mooreaseal
light filled bedroom with a view
Spacious + light filled bedroom with a view via
colorful bedroom via aleyunderwood | awakening sacred flow
Love the various fabrics and splashes of color in this bedroom space. Inviting, playful, alive. Via refinery29
colorful bedroom via sfgirlbybay | awakening sacred flow
This summer burst of color! Via sfgirlbybay | sköna hem.
colorful bedroom via interior collective | awakening sacred flow
Tiny window, lovely pillows and diamond patterned rug and palette warm up this space. Via interior collective
Magical bedroom corner via niinanunelmia
wild plant bedroom corner via 16 house | awakening sacred flow
Love this wild plant corner in this bedroom via 16house
reading nook bedroom via oh happy day | awakening sacred flow
Lovely reading nook in this dark but sparkling bedroom. Photos by Ashley Batz for Oh Happy Day
Cosmic bedroom! Photo by Jessica Antola via desiretoinspire
Lovely organic shaped light fixtures. Via vosgesparis
soft palette bedroom
Love the soft palette of colors and textures in this bedroom. And the light! bri at designlovefest via sfgirlbybay
light filled bedroom
Light-filled bedroom full of meaningful details. Via greyandscout
Love the glow of natural material. Natural simplicity and beauty. Photo by Romain Ricard via decor8blog

Dear ones, what symbols could you invite into your bedroom that could help awaken the fulness of your being?

As we come to close one year cycle and open up a new one, may your bedroom serve to cradle your heart, renew your soul, and witness your spirit blossoming this 2015.

Wishing you bright, spacious beginnings with love,