The rise of the Feminine archetype

the feminine archetype

The Metamorphosis Design : 2008  ( PPP)

The Feminine Archetype

I’d like to start the year celebrating the feminine force awakening in both men and women! 2010 blessed me with nourishing connections to empowered beings feeling the call to be all that they are.

May 2011 be a year of breaking out of the box more gracefully, more FULLY.

I have been hearing this craving for storytelling all over the place. It is in the air, in conferences, in yoga classes and even in the business world! On December 8th 2010, I attended an event that”gathered a diverse group of thought leaders to celebrate the powerful community of women in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley in conjunction with the the Global TEDWomen event.” ~TEDx BayArea


John Hagel was my favorite speaker! Bless his words and work.

Bringing back the Feminine archetype to shift business & world.

“The future belongs to the feminine archetype.”~John Hagel

The big shift:Challenge and Opportunity for Women.

Tony Porter wasn’t part of TEDx BayArea but in the same spirit,

he urged men to break out of the ‘man box.’

.  .  .

The feminine is awakening ever more strongly in each one of us as a collective force that wants to find expression. The need for story telling, for sharing and for the feminine is palpable and vital for individual and collective well being in our planet. Story telling is healing. Something inside of us comes alive as it reaches out into the world. This is why I love this image of woman becoming tree at the top of this post. Her roots growing in the sacred earth, her limbs are branches opening to the cosmos.

Why do we love this ancient art of story telling?

We are more permeable than we think. To tell a story is to transcend the often self built walls that confine us. Secretly, we all want to be touched, we all want to bear our souls. We are just waiting for the magical key that opens our hearts. Perhaps this key appears the moment we start listening and telling our own story.

Stories spark emotions. They take residence deep inside. They come out from hiding to touch another soul. They evoke empathy so we can relate more deeply with each other. We feel the ‘other.’ We become the ‘other’ if only for one moment with the power to change the way we see things forever.

It is a joy to witness each others stories. Not the ones that are rehearsed in the head, but the ones that are distilled from the heart, the ones that spark a new way of seeing your life, my life, our life. Deep gratitude for your listening heart! May you sparkle in 2011!

With love,


  • Karen Sharp

    Yes yes yes!!

    And that photo took my breath away, it’s so beautiful!

    We are woven together of story. I love love how you put this. How we need each other. How we are called into story, ours and others. How we are all part of the same larger story.

    Oh, yes. I love this. And you, Marjory, your words themselves spark emotions and sparkle light and touch me deeply, pull me into story with you.


  • Marjory

    Thank you dear Karen for your heartfelt words! Thank you for opening you heart to these words sent with love.

    To making a beautiful story together. YES! :)

  • Roxanne

    I am celebrating both the highlighting of the power of the story and the focus on a feminine archetype within this post. Happy New Year, happy story-telling, happy archetyping.

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