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Blessings of love

sacred rain via

Such a blessing, this sacred rain touching our thirsty earth. May the sacred waters continue to flow for the benefit of all life. Photo via

Happy Valentine’s day dear ones! Valentine’s day can be a painful day for many, a reminder of the love we don’t have. But is this true? I encourage us to open our eyes and hearts to the love that is pulsing alive within and around us, not just today, but every day of our lives. “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince


May you feel spacious and free. Photo by

 Laura Enever

Laura Enever: @billabongwomens via her instagram

joy photo by Deb Schwedhelm

Play, joy and spaciousness. Photo by Deb Schwedhelm

I am reminded that love is not a straight line; it is a web of interconnectedness, an intricate pattern of immense beauty.

When we expect love to flow only through one channel, we miss an opportunity to experience its manifestation in multiple directions, pathways, and expressions. Today, I celebrate the love that flows in places that often go unrecognized, ignored, repressed, neglected. May we tend to these tender spaces and places that crave to share the love that is already there.

I’m grateful for loved ones, kindred souls, sacred waters, the flow of our blood, synchronicities bringing us together to do good work, the kindness and joy that flow when we open our hearts. Today and every day, may we feel loved by all of creation. And may we open to give and receive what is truly ours to feel.

In kinship to all our relations,

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Feb 14, 2014

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Crystals of kaleidoscopic light

Fall is the season of turning inwards, of savoring the lessons, the messages, the harvesting of the soul digesting life. In Taoism and Feng Shui, the element of fall is metal, so you may feel naturally drawn to the beauty of these crystals around this time of the year. They inspire us to find the depth, clarity, focus and discipline to diligently pursue our dreams.

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Feeding your demons with kindness. A feminine approach to healing

The-Butterfly Queen by Sarah Moore and Mary Oliver quote

Dear ones, I realize in my work that many of us don’t know what our real needs are, and it becomes increasingly difficult to truly see, and even more so create environments that respond to these needs when we remain unaware of them. Everything carries medicine, a lesson, a message, a teaching to steer us in the direction of our truest path.

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