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A space revolution of love

space revolution of love
Greetings friends! I am delighted that you feel inspired to share this journey with me.

It is wintertime and the beginning of 2012, an auspicious time to draw in and nurture our chi, our energy and life force. What are you craving deep in your heart?

When I see this picture, a multitude of words start to swirl around in my imagination. I feel all these dancing around the word revolution:  evolution, revelation, reveling, revolving, love. Love, circling around, peaking through and dismantling the structures that limit us.

Poet, writer & psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola Estés, suggests we make 2012 the year of an inner revolution. I couldn’t agree more.  This is the year when that part of you that is hidden, lost, forgotten, neglected; finally rises to the surface, aware, conscious, bright and beautiful like a plant seeking the light in the garden of your heart.

You want to revolutionize the world. I invite you to, first, revolutionize your heart, your soul, your connection to spirit and your space in the world. Revolutionizing the world becomes an extension of revolutionizing your life. A world of self revolutionaries will revolutionize itself. What can assist us in this process, is fine tuning one of our most neglected relationships, our relationship to our space, to our nature, to our environment.

Awakening is a gradual process of discovery and realization, revealing a view of life that expands as we navigate the landscape of our life.  We are living times of great shifting, inviting us to expand and fulfill our potential. An essential part of healing the web of life is shining our life purpose, expressing its essence in every space we move through. Here are a few of my offerings in the spirit of awakening sacred flow, the awareness and remembrance deep in our bones, that we are, indeed, part of one world pulsing with multiplicity.

Want to start an inner and outer revolution? Here is how:

: Space Revolution Sessions are virtual spatial healing & sacred design sessions to revolutionize your relationship with your home, studio or office. Let’s begin!

: Mandala Magic Sessions are
 virtual spatial healing & sacred design sessions, anchored in the ancient symbolism of the altar and mandala. Cosmic wow. Let’s flow!

: Soul-Mirror Intensives
 offer a profound shamanic journey into your interior space. Ideal for clients who want to transform their homes into vibrant sanctuaries, receive in-person attention & tangible design inspiration, and reconnect with their life’s purpose…while creating spaces of meaning & magic. Let’s awaken!


To a 2012 of bright beginnings and luscious flow,