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Awestruck. In orbit, a healing journey in motion.


Title: Moon and Sun Orbiting the Earth, 1912 (via Maps ETC)

Reframing the view of our revolutions, from Polaris

Mystery at work

There is a great sense of mystery infusing the universe. Our ancestors revered the sacred mysteries of earth and cosmos. Tonight is the Full Moon. Another point in the cycle of the moon’s journey around the earth and sun.

I felt Her power to reflect light on my skin deep in the Amazon and it wasn’t even a full moon, yet my body and whole being was bathed so completely in love.

Cosmic ruminations of the Full Moon

Some of us humans spend some space and time piercing through the veils and wheels of samsara. What if we were just searching for the most beautiful pattern to come into resonance & motion?

We set a new pattern in motion when we find our core, our center and trustingly explore our path of travel the way a planet emerges from chaos into order and into orbit. We make our own mandala with our life’s movement, a journey in search of beauty and harmony.

If change is the nature of life, I wonder, is every revolution, every oscillation ever the same? What would the mandala of your life look like? Deep medicine, a work in progress..

I wrote these thoughts undulating across my mind, body and heart last night and found these two gorgeous videos via twitter this morning. I am adding one made with beloved healers, Ayahuasqueros from the Amazon. I would love to know which one speaks to you and why.

SAMSARA Teaser from Baraka & Samsara

SAMSARA is a new non verbal documentary film by the creators of 1992’s lauded BARAKA. SAMSARA will be in US Theaters August 24th 2012, with international releases soon to follow.


The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck – by @Jason_Silva from Jason Silva

“Being enchanted by the magic of experience..Awe has helped us survive, in part by increasing empathy.”


AYAHUASQUEROS from Soundwalk Collective

“…The melodies that shamans bring back from their visions are called “icaros”; they help navigate the space of ayahuasca consciousness…”


In joy, I am filled with awe, awestruck. And you dear wonderer, what fills you with awe?