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Feminine flow, unfurling through space

I love the sinuous, kinetic, serpentine, swirling, spiraling movements of these beings expressing fluidity.

The last one is a woman, a Goddess-like artist able to beautifully embody and transmit this sacred quality,

this feminine flow vibrating between the auditory, visual, and tactile dimensions as She unfurls through space.

 feminine flow of the ocean

Cyanea capillata green by Alexander Semenov

feminine flow of the ocean

Cyanea capillata Alexander Semenov

feminine flow

Clione flying by Alexander Semenov

 feminine flow of woman dancing

In Elements of Loïe Fuller, Jody Sperling


images-copyThe work I do is extremely visual, but I am not interested in static ‘pictures’. It is visceral, unfolding, morphing, shape-shifting, evolving, erupting, exploding visual stimuli that interest me. There is almost nothing more visually entrancing than coloured lights on moving fabric…The ‘kinetic’ comes from my dance impulse. The urge – the need – to move is what drives me as a choreographer. When you move through space, you displace air and create a wake of spiralling eddies around your body. What the fabric does is render these vortices visible to the eye. The lighting helps sculpt and colour the impression of the movement…When I move in my ‘Loïe’ costume, I often have the impression that I am rendering in 3D form the auditory vibrations pulsing through the air. Kandinsky, the Russian artist and theorist, has a beautiful theory about how colour and music create vibrations which penetrate the soul… ~ Jody Sperling, In Elements of Loïe Fuller, re-imagining her dance movements.

Feminine flow is when I flow, rooted in the soil of my own heart,

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Rapt in reverence. Let the world touch you

We often travel in spirals, arriving at the space where we got started. I have been consciously making space for joy and magic in my life.  Magic happens when we listen deeply with all our heart. Listening, seeing, welcoming, receiving creates a beautiful state of receptivity. Such was the flavor of my last trip to…

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Sacred Flow in the big apple. What you make space for matters..

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~Zora Neale Hurston

As some of you may know I am in the big apple, enjoying a creative breath, pause, space. Even in moments of stillness, life flows incessantly. In the midst of silences, negative spaces and all those lines in between, life brims and overflows.

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Infused with Spirit, this kind Earth

So happy to have Infused with Spirit, this kind Earth be my first post in my Unleashing Flow Series! ..I once had a vision, the kind that melts your mind and opens the gates of your heart, wide..And it occurred to me that up until that moment I hadn’t realized something so primal, so imprinted in the memory of my cells. My feet long to walk on the body of the sacred earth and bless her as she breathes in and out, rapt in the beauty of our awakening.

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A leap of trust

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.” – Henry Miller

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Liberating the story underneath

Feel the ancestral pull of nature. To unearth the story underneath. Liberate it. Ancestral is the pull to remember, to make whole and discover the nature of flow. Flow is punctuated, colored, layered by moments that narrow and widen, darken and lighten, descend and ascend through the landscape of your heart.

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Art Basel and the Soul of a Woman

What inspires you and where do you find beauty? I am fascinated by the encounters with the natural and art filled world. I present to you my journey through Art Basel Miami, Dec. 2011. Art Basel is an art show originally from Basel in Switzerland, with art from around the world.

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Finding home

What does it take to find home? Everywhere you go, there is possibility and potential for your relationship with home to heal, open, blossom and reveal itself, your colors, your song, your gifts. At home in your own skin, in your own body, in that place that whispers: come out, emerge, shine, play. At home in your heart, in the spaces you inhabit, in the sacred earth, in the world.

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i flow, rooted in the soil of my own heart

“I am rooted, but I flow.” ~ Virginia Woolf i am daughter of river, sea and wind every drop of my soul held in the waters of life   i grow roots deep in the earth arms reaching high in the sky planting seeds in other hearts   i flow gracefully rooted in the soil…

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In the Sacred

I use the word sacred a lot, as if to reawaken its meaning in the memory of our being. Am I the one using it or is it using me? Perhaps words are the ones to choose and take possession of us, slowly making their way into our consciousness and whole being. Do you often…

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