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Beyond Decor | The Soul of your Space


Love the ocean view and sacred geometry pattern on the beautiful golden screen. Sea legs + Istanbul’s Müzedechanga restaurant. Via sfgirlbybay

“As with all my work, whether it’s a leaf on a rock or ice on a rock, I’m trying to get beneath the surface appearance of things. Working the surface of a stone is an attempt to understand the internal energy of the stone.”
 ~Andy Goldsworthy

We need to illuminate the way we engage with our home, environment, landscape, planet. It is essential to connect our soul with the soul of the spaces and places we inhabit and recover a way of dwelling in harmony with nature. This ancient way of relating to our home (also known as feng shui) is not about controlling our environment, but engaging with it in a kinder, more receptive and intelligent way, one that aligns with the flow of the universe and harnesses its energy for good.

How can your home space decor reflect, nourish, and inspire your soul?

Our environment affects the way we feel and think. The elements and symbols that form part of the landscape of our spaces and places are not mere superficial, decorative items of an interior facade; but part of a map or mirror creating a window into our soul. We might call it decor, ornament, adornment, style, aesthetics and pretend it is shallow and superficial. It isn’t. Space Decor forms a narrative with storytelling power, one that helps you grow, expand, evolve.

Here is how to craft an experience your soul craves: When it comes to decor —and most things in life— don’t follow trends, follow your heart. In order to fulfill your longing for meaning, expression, connection and purpose, don’t follow trends that make your space look like a magazine spread. Instead, listen to your gut, listen to your heart, listen to your soul. We are not going for trendy, we are going for honest, authentic and soulful self-expression.

Decor engages the imagination, softens, soothes, inspires, empowers, brings us back to our senses. If you align with the soul of your space, your space will let your body relax, your mind clear and your soul fully inhabit your being. Your space will not only look good, it will feel good as well.

Decor, when practiced with mindfulness, becomes an expression of energy that can reach well underneath the conscious mind to embrace the core of your soul. Endowed with the power to create an experience that goes beyond surface level, it can touch the heart of the sacred.

Create a space for your whole being. Here are some of my services and recent articles on architecture, home decor, and energy:

May your space become a beautiful mirror that brings you more fully alive. With love,

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Dear wanderers, if you’ve been wondering, I’ve been taking a creative hiatus or perhaps a creative hiatus has been taking me for a swirl, right after teaching ‘Make Space for Joy’ in my online sacred flow circle. It was a deeply transformative experience. The nature of the material was precisely letting go to make space for joy, in a feminine approach to self & space renewal.
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