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A rainbow of Amazon inspiration

Amazon rainbow


The lodge that welcomed us home

Amazon lodge

The sounds of the forest echo in my heart

The magical skies

Amazon moon

La luna illuminated our path!

Amazon sky

Amazon sky

Amazon sky

The sacred flow of the rivers

Amazon landscape

C’est moi on the boat!

Amazon landscape

Amazon sunset

The lush and wild landscapes

Amazon flora

Such iridescent green!

Amazon forest flora

In the Amazonas jungle, nature shines in all her splendor

in the presence of immense beauty

lungs breathe better

the mind settles

and the heart awakens.

With love,



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Jun 28, 2012
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Discover your gift

It’s been a while since I heard a message in a dream.  A few days ago, this one kept on looping until I got up so it wouldn’t sleep away from my consciousness. It persisted like a bird flying to the surface of my mind. Wake up. “Discover your gift.” Discover– First you got to…

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