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The sacred voice of all my relations

finally free

Finally Free. Photo by Dia Takacsova

I am grateful for the sacred activism that is emerging with a strong voice these days. May we have the courage to realize that:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

A large part of my work is teaching others how to see space, place, landscape, and life with their hearts. As a lover of Pachamama, I am devoted to revealing a more feminine way of dwelling, and therefore, appreciate Chief Spence’s precious letter dispelling ignorance and compelling us to care for the rights of indigenous people and the natural environment. Why do I care so much? Perhaps it is because native blood runs through my veins and I feel the ancestral pulse of the land in my heart. Here is part of Chief Spence’s open letter “to all [her] relations.” On Idle No More and non-violence:

images-copyColonial power is violence against Indigenous bodies, minds, cultures and lands. I know that many of you don’t see it. Many of my closest friends don’t see it. I can’t even be angry about this, for as I have said, you were not taught to see it. In a cynical moment I might suggest you were taught not to. But in Idle No More, Indigenous and allied voices have united and through the Drum, sound together. All my relations, you hear it now; you have only to listen…Let the drum sound colonial power no more, and let us celebrate our differences so that we can come together. ~ Chief Spence

These words reverberate in my heart and awaken a torrent of emotion. Let the drum sound colonial power no more.  Indeed, we have the freedom to heal our imperialist mentality, which affects us on a collective and individual level. Sadly, the same power that we use to oppress others or turn a blind eye, we use to oppress ourselves.

What is the medicine?

I am sharing an illuminating excerpt from Jason Silva’s fabulous interview with the Director of the Imaginary Foundation, a think tank from Switzerland that does experimental research on alternative ways of thinking and the power of the imagination based on the belief in human potential. The team brings their ideas beyond the academic realm and into popular culture:

images-copyPerhaps it is this one “undivided mind” that presents a way forward through the monumental cultural changes we now face, enabling us to surf this dynamic moment in history from a platform of balance and symmetry. The Undivided Mind exhibit endeavors to fuse the aesthetic beauty of art and science in order to create a synthesis of mind, one which is as much rational as it is fantastic. There has been lots of trial and error and a litany of mistakes, but I feel it is only by embracing this childlike experimentation fearlessly that our undivided minds may one day create a more undivided world…Each of us is a pattern within a larger social metapattern, and we each have a unique vantage point from which we view our world. ~ Imaginary Foundation 

My wandering heart loves this delightful video of Paris through the eyes of a little girl. So many memories! Betty In Paris from Olive Us. It exudes childlike exploration, imagination, and reverie,

“Because we can imagine we are free.” Jean-Paul Sartre

I dream of the day when we don’t just ignore but celebrate our differences and embrace our multiplicity—the multi-color rainbow of our being and imagination. In the meantime, may we have the courage to share our unique vantage point and speak up about the things that we hold sacred, starting with ourselves. This shall begin to mend our web of life and set us free. To all my relations, in the spirit of liberation, exploration & integration.

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