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The call of the wild – jungle in my home

La Barroca, a Lebanese restaurant in Cadaques with its Dali-inspired lush garden entrance. I can only imagine what is inside. Photo by @coasttocosta via @sfgirlbybay

Hello dear ones,

In this fast pace world, many of us craving slower, more mindful living. Often called the Art of Slow Living, I like to see it as the call of the Wild, the call of the Sacred, the call of the Feminine.  It is entering a deeper field of energy. Nothing changes, yet your experience of life gets altered. There are signals that prompt us on this path if we pay attention and listen. The heart whispers. The soul knows. The wisdom of the body reminds us to slow down and take a deep breath and enjoy being. If we get still enough, we can sense the yearning for a life that honors a sacred way of moving through the world, one that is in tune with the natural world that we are part of and yet seem to often forget. If we embrace the silence, we can connect to the longing in our hearts for a fullness and aliveness that exists in the plant and animal world of the wilderness.

Plants can bring us to a place of stillness within movement, to a rhythm that our body recognizes as natural. Plants know how to be present, aware, and in communion with their surroundings. We too can recover this connection and begin to remember what we may have forgotten. There are journeys we must take firmly planted in the ground of our being. The journey from the mind to the heart is one, possibly the most important we shall ever embark upon for it colors our life and allows us to find ourselves first, and then connect and commune with the rest of creation.

Some places help with this unfolding. The jungle is one of them for me. What if you yearn for the wild but can’t go? You can awaken its spirit in your soul. You can bring the jungle home and invite it into your heart. You may have your own unique landscape that calls to you. Listen to that calling and nurture it. It is not enough to go to wild places and go back home to a depleted environment. To nourish our souls on a regular basis, we need to recreate an environment that enlivens the wild in us, a place where our senses can come alive, where we may enter depleted and emerge restored and inspired.

This post is invitation to inhabit ourselves fully, to make the decor of our home speak to our souls in a way to turns our home into sanctuary–a space where we can play, be open, replenish, connect and thus become more fully ourselves. Our homes then become allies in the evolution of our souls. Never static, they reveal themselves as dynamic containers that expand our being. Here are some spaces  for inspiration; they are creative and vary in flavor and from minimalist and serene to expressive and inspiring. I appreciate the range of expression and energy in their connection to art, color, plants, light and inspiration in the wild. They feel fluid, alive, vibrant. There is a unique exchange between the person that dwells in this kind of space and the space itself. Infused with chi, prana, energy, these are spaces where one is able to breathe better and relax one’s body and mind, like in a forest. Click to read about the bedroombathroomkitchen,  garden,  a space for your [inner] child –to awaken different qualities in your heart, space, and life.

Are you on instagram? You can follow me at @sacredflow for more inspiration as I find colorful bursts of nature, architecture and art in the streets of San Francisco. Enjoy!

So much to love in this space. The chaise, the plants, the crack in the wall (or is just the wallpaper?)–quite wabi sabi. Photographed by @haarkon_ styled by @billiemohair from kojoandlee_hair salon

The gorgeous bathroom of @emily_katz

Truly an indoor jungle. Is this too much to ask for? Well, it’s the conservatory of flowers in San Francisco. Photo by @jenkai

Love everything about this space–the yellow color on the wall, the plants, the art that are part of the space of @wildernisamsterdam — an urban plant and gardenshop in Amsterdam.  Photo by @i_stolethemoon

Love! Photo by @haarkon This is the spacious, light-filled, creative loft space of @theendeavorist

I have a thing for plants and cats. I’m a lover of both together. Maximum relaxation. Photo by @thefutureperfect

Ah, what more could one ask for? light, spaciousness, plants, books, art. Lovely studio of @herz.und.blut

Love the delicate and elegant simplicity of this space. Painted truss + art + plant = love. Studio of @studiohearhear

When a bathtub turns into a forest. Gorgeous flowers. Photo by @gorgwousandgreen with @misskaylamariah

Indoor, vibrant oasis of @design.junkie

Planties grown with “just a little water and love.” by @thefuturekept

Incredible plant collection via @prickleandvine

Want a green wall? No problem, hiltoncarter delivers. I have one of these lovely reclaimed wood propagation holders.

Right on the edge. Indoor/outdoors bathtub. Isn’t it dreamy? Image via taramilktea

“Home is where you grow your tribe.” Lovey, lush bedroom of tribeandus.

Love this plant corner: the light, the wooden floors, the plants–everything. By houseofplants

May our home become a catalyst for our renewed awakening, growth, and expansion. May it be filled with rituals of love that spark a sense of spaciousness in our lives. May they inspire us to become the most authentic agents of healing and change the world needs now.

With love,

Shinrin-yoku. The medicine of forest bathing

In a world that seems to turn mechanical, I can’t help but feel drawn to all that is organic and pulsing with aliveness. My senses begin to awaken in such embodied presence. Some places take us to a state of connection we long to inhabit, where our essence can blossom, uninhibited, unbridled, and free. The…

Apr 17, 2017 | continue reading →

Through the landscape of home & heart

Pachamama Earth Goddess

It is Summer and nature is blossoming in all her glory. We come into deep resonance with our true selves in the landscape. Our skewed sense of fragmentation, separation, and dissonance dissolve, melt away, and we start to flow again. Our souls are enlivened in the fullness of nature. May you feel her healing power in your heart, space, and life.

Jul 17, 2013 | continue reading →

Ode to Feminine Space. An architecture of flow. An architecture of the feminine

We are sucking the soul out of our lives and not replenishing it. And yet we feel that something is missing, yearning for a different kind of experience of wholeness that deeply feeds, awakens, and revitalizes our souls. Are you longing for intimacy, deep communication, connection? This is an invitation to notice, liberate, express, and experience the feminine: the feminine dimension of our being, the feminine dimension of space, the feminine dimension of the sacred…

Jun 18, 2013 | continue reading →

Winter Solstice and this blessed unrest

There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost…There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others. ~ Martha Graham

Dec 21, 2012 | continue reading →

Maslow got it wrong! For the love of art…soy Primitiva

Psychologist Abraham Maslow thought that there were essential needs which we must satisfy first, before going after ‘more’ lofty ideals. According to his pyramid of hierarchies developed in 1943: security comes before art and nourishment before beauty. The end result: creations and lives devoid of soul. A lifeless and mundane rendition of the sacred.

Aug 29, 2012 | continue reading →

Touched by Madre Selva. On the edge of the wild Amazon

My journey into the heart of the Amazon began in Iquitos,
chaotic, hot, humid, loud, alive. A portal into the wild.

There are spaces that throb with passion,
edges that pulse with a vitality and rhythm of their own…

Jul 12, 2012 | continue reading →

The Art of Soulful Space Making. Six Simple Ways to Awaken Flow

March Full Moon, 2012. Mount Hamilton, east of San Jose, California. Photo by Rick Baldridge. Happy Full Moon dear ones! I have been digesting my wonderful adventures in the big apple and getting into the swing of things again. If you need to align with the spirit of new endeavors, adventures, projects or the manifestation…

Apr 6, 2012 | continue reading →

Liberating the story underneath

Feel the ancestral pull of nature. To unearth the story underneath. Liberate it. Ancestral is the pull to remember, to make whole and discover the nature of flow. Flow is punctuated, colored, layered by moments that narrow and widen, darken and lighten, descend and ascend through the landscape of your heart.

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My Pinterest obsession. Unleashing Creative Flow.

Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures inside the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France. I love these luminous forms juxtaposed against the ancient interior of this church. Seen together, they seem to be dancing in space. The Church, providing the architectural backdrop for their movement.

Feb 5, 2012 | continue reading →
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