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Going with the flow

going with the flowGoing with the flow

I hear this a lot. “Go with the flow.” Going with the flow does not mean taking the same path over and over until it reveals itself beaten, obsolete, unnecessary. Going with the flow means connecting with the guiding power of flow taking you into new territory. The experience of flow is not one of following the masses but one of discovering your own path, which in turn enhances the whole.

How do we forge our own path, one that is fresh, alive and true? How do we humans come to a space of instinctual intelligence beyond multiple points of resistance?

Let your heart lead the way. Flow like a river and sustain life along your path. Release:

  1. First, surrender & release the shit. I have nothing against shit, shit being part of the organic and creative process, but when we are full of it, we simply can’t let new life in. There is a time and place for everything. So, when you gather your courage to stand at the altar of life itself, what are you willing to let go, sacrifice and offer? Surrender your shit, the excess, the waste, back into the compost of life. Don’t be a tight ass. Eliminate the non-essentials, let them burn bright in the fire of summer.
  2. Then, surrender, release & offer yourself to what you hold sacred, your genius, your calling, your art, to the process of life itself working through you.

And next time you are tempted to go with the flow, discover your own. Just like the flow of a river is able to branch out and carve new pathways, hence discovering its own journey, trust your own flow to take you into new refreshing directions. You could be that part of the stream that sets a new healing pattern in motion.

‘Going with the flow’ is trusting every inch of our movement in the direction of an ancient, newborn dream. If samsara means taking the same path over and over, knowing it leads to a form of insanity that plagues human kind on the brink of a new awakening,

then flow is fresh, unprecedented motion and liberating movement.

Each one of us is a stream, an essential part of a beautiful network of flow. Here is to being true, wild & free, under the light of the new moon invigorating our paths with the most irresistible and iridescent flow.

With love and gratitude,