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Open to receive this healing vision

“Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its Diasporas,” at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art, celebrates a goddess and her ripples.”

It is Women’s History Month and I’m excited to share words from strong women who lived poetic lives. Some quotes reverberate like waves crushing against the shore of my consciousness, bringing new life to the surface, from the depths of being. I love mermaids and I love the depths from where they come from.

“I must be a mermaid…have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living” ~Anais Nin

This is my second post in my Unleashing Flow Series. The first was Infused with Spirit, this kind Earth. Part of unleashing flow depends on your ability to see which are the realms in which you thrive and come alive. A room with a view, a space of your own, a place that sings in tune with your heart’s song. Perhaps you can’t yet experience this, so I ask:

Which are the elements that need to be transformed, liberated, illuminated in your heart, in your space, in your life?

Sometimes all you have to do is notice, look, observe, listen. And speaking of depths and liberation, here is a woman, author and activist, who understood her own depths but also knew how to appreciate the heights with a light and vision born from deep within. Her experience of the empire state building is magical, surreal, filled with wonder, awe, her words touched by grace:

“I am convinced that, until we have looked into darkness, we cannot know what a divine thing vision is.. Sightless Milton dreamed visions no one else could see. Radiant with an inward light, he send forth rays by which mankind beholds the realms of Paradise…But what of the Empire Building? It was a thrilling experience to be whizzed in a “lift” a quarter of a mile heavenward, and to see New York spread out like a marvelous tapestry beneath us. Let cynics and supersensitive souls say what they will about American materialism and machine civilization. Beneath the surface are poetry, mysticism and inspiration that the Empire Building somehow symbolizes. In that giant shaft I see a groping toward beauty and spiritual vision..” ~ Hellen Keller

May all the goodness that lies dormant in the depths of your being awaken pulsing to the rhythm of a new song. Can you hear it? Are you listening? May we all make space for joy and open to receive this healing vision.

So much love,