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Magical Moonlight

moonlight blessings by marjory mejia

The Sacred Earth basks in moonlight,

exhales serpentine trails of energy and light.

Ecstatic to share Moon’s fullness tonight & surprised to see what was revealed as I bathed in her moonlight (photo taken around 8:30 pm: no flash, no photoshop, just an open heart in love with La Luna).

“Ten thousand poets have viewed ten thousand moons,

this moon, just one.” – Soji (Gary Barnes)

Full moon blessings, dear ones!

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Bliss dancer: you are made of starlight

bliss dancer and starlight

“And a softness came from the starlight and filled me full to the bone.” ~ W.B. Yeats via @so_you_know. Happy Full Moon dear ones. This is a powerful night to do ritual. To clearing and releasing well. You are made of starlight!

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The great full moon release. The freedom to heal our imperialist Mentality

Freedom. the full moon release of imperialist mentality

It is often those difficult feelings that wake me up to deeper layers of awareness & surrender, to a vision ushering a new reality. So much about our work is unearthing lost treasures, questioning our assumptions, re-envisioning an ancient future. My words are birds seeking freedom, echoing an ancient song waiting to ring and flow through us all.

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Awestruck. In orbit, a healing journey in motion.

  Title: Moon and Sun Orbiting the Earth, 1912 (via Maps ETC) Reframing the view of our revolutions, from Polaris Mystery at work There is a great sense of mystery infusing the universe. Our ancestors revered the sacred mysteries of earth and cosmos. Tonight is the Full Moon. Another point in the cycle of the…

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Full Moon Surrender

Full Moon blessings dear ones! I took this picture in Coral Castle, Miami. We have much to learn from mosquitoes. With  love,

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The Art of Soulful Space Making. Six Simple Ways to Awaken Flow

March Full Moon, 2012. Mount Hamilton, east of San Jose, California. Photo by Rick Baldridge. Happy Full Moon dear ones! I have been digesting my wonderful adventures in the big apple and getting into the swing of things again. If you need to align with the spirit of new endeavors, adventures, projects or the manifestation…

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Full Moon blessings. A feminine approach to self & space renewal

There is a full moon rising and blessing us with her moonlight. The full moon invites us to release all that dims our light, all that holds us back in our spaces and heart. I am excited to share this clutter clearing ritual as spiritual practice. A feminine approach to self & space renewal. Why now? We are at a pivotal moment in history. Unconscious ways of inhabiting the earth feel like heavy weight on our hearts and shoulders.

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