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On the edge of the wild. The alchemy of plants

Succulents and black cat ♥ via ohnorachio in The Alchemy of Plants - awakening sacred flow

Succulents and black cat ♥ via ohnorachio

Hello beautiful ones,

To balance my intense work in architecture these days and hence my more infrequent writings, I live now on the edge of the wild–where I find myself recharging, recalibrating, regenerating in a space of stillness and subtle flow. I moved to a beautiful place in Marin, surrounded by plants and animals bringing magic into my life. My home is on a street that becomes a trail in the Marin Headlands. In between two worlds, I am at home in this place that welcomes me into the wild terrain of this land.

What is so compelling about living so close to the wild? Placing ourselves in this realm becomes essential for our well being in our increasingly digitized world. Being exposed to the wild can awaken our very own and reveal the parts of us that become numb and aren’t so alive. Our connection to nature can awaken the repressed fiber, dimension, essence of the feminine in all of us.

If you are a nature lover, you don’t have to wait to go to wild places to come in contact with the spiritually embodied power of nature. You can invite the presence of the plant world, consciousness, and frequency into your home space and bask in its energy and glow. Just being in the presence of something so alive enlivens us, if we open our hearts and let its subtle flow and radiance touch our being and reawaken our own.

As much as we earthtlings pride ourselves for being more ‘evolved’ beings;  plants and other creatures have an instinctual understanding that often escapes our so called ‘evolved’ selves. Plants don’t fight their natural impulse to:

  • Grow roots and ground. Plants grow roots to absorb water and nutrients. They ground their being in order to expand as they connect to earth and sky.
  • Seek the light and glow in the dark. Is not that darkness is bad, it’s just that light feeds life. Plants seek light and orient themselves towards it, magically turning it into nourishment.
  • Find and produce nourishment. Not only do they transform sunlight into food, plants also transform carbon dioxide (with the help of water) into oxygen for all life to thrive. They let in and let go. They breathe.
  • Connect in subtle ways. Just because you can’t sense does not mean it is not there. Plants sense in ways we don’t. We can get quiet to hear the soft whisper of spirit land on our being like the soft touch of a butterfly on our skin, the withering of a serpent on the earth, or the smooth glide of an eagle in the sky.
cacti plants via seasage

Surreal cacti via seasage


an outdoor garden with cacti from Katie‘s travels.

light filled space with plant

General store light-filled space with a gorgeous plant via sfgirlbybay / awakening sacred flow

plant corner

Bright plant corner via apartment therapy


Lovely cacti and words of wisdom. Some things take time via kerouacandcoke

Gardening shop via analogidentity

Marina Burini –  the selby - awakening sacred flow

Marina Burini–Stylist & Co-Owner of Beautiful Dreamers at her Home & Store in Brooklyn « the selby


Paradise is here. Plant inspiration via skinnylaminx

Andrew Trotter & Mari Luz Vidal's 'open house' with plants

Andrew Trotter & Mari Luz Vidal’s ‘open house’ in Barcelona comes alive with plants. Via freundevonfreunden

festive plant corner via sfgirlbybay | awakening sacred flow

Festive, light filled with plants corner. Home of nicole valentine don, photographed by by lauren bamford. Photo via sfgirlbybay

modern macabre via modernmacrame | awakening sacred flow

Lovely tiny plants in modern macabre

cactus corner in stillness.

Love the stillness in this gorgeous space. The light, the sensuous forms, the cactus. Via the brickhouse

wild plant via talesofendearment |awakening sacred flow

Gorgeous plant in the home of alix brown. Via talesofendearment


when in drought via sfgirlbybay

Plants are ancient beings, alchemists that help us align with the flow of the universe. They kindly offer themselves as sacred food and medicine when taken whole and not stripped of their spirit. Being in touch with plants can help us remember our own power to ground, expand, breathe, sustain life and feel alive.

There is an intense drought in California. I have been meditating on how this environmental condition reflects the unbalanced state of our souls, creations and structures thirsty for nourishment. Dear ones, where are the dry places in your soul craving moisture and fluidity?

May we remember to not take more than we need and to give back so much more in return. And may we restore, heal and celebrate our connection to the sacred waters and rhythms of life, within and around us.

With love,

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Oct 12, 2014
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Making space for new life


Dear ones, I am wishing us a blessed 2014 under this new moon. May we flow more freely to reveal, feel and experience the fiber of the sacred in our spaces, hearts and lives. May we pursue our life-enhancing dreams with courage and a fierce heart. But first, what do we need to release in…

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Feel this resonance.

resonance in nature the landscape

“If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches of the same tree.” ~ W. B. Yeats With love,

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Flow. Lotus born.

lotus spirituality

“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.”    Buddhist proverb Ever since the French philosopher René Descartes delcared “I think therefore I am,” the dualistic split between body and mind was affirmed, and the superiority of mind declared supreme. No wonder we have also come to despise darkness and glorify…

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Bees, honey, and the flow of life

bees, honey and life

“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ~ Mary Oliver Bees and everything they represent are endangered. Our precious bees won’t live to tell their tale if we continue to dwell in unconscious ways. We are experiencing an increase in toxicity in our environments and a decline in biodiversity: birds, insects, wildflowers, bats, etc. The…

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Feed your fire. Alchemy in the kitchen

1. LOVE kitchen / photographed by Adrian Louw

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a space of alchemy, transformation and magic, where we work with the ancestral element of fire. Here we witness the metamorphosis of ingredients turning into unique concoctions. Growing up in Peru, the kitchen was a communal place in the home, a space of storytelling, where different flavors mingled to express themselves. Native and Spanish as well as other cuisines influenced the exquisite mélange that is the earthy comida criolla of Peru.

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The sensual spiritual bathroom, a sacred space of flow

feminine space

The bathroom can be the most neglected space in the house, evoking feelings of guilt, shame or plain fear. We often respond to this triggered emotions by over sanitizing this space; making it cold, sterile, bare, silenced, desacralized. Our dwellings seem to hide the bathroom or seek to subdue its design as we disconnect from body and soul. This is a call to celebrate the bathroom as a a place of flow, communion, transformation, self-care and well being for our sensual, spiritual selves.

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A prayer for the liberation of woman, earth, life


“Make no mistake about it–enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” ~ Adyashanti Here are your some of our wounds, some…

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Riding waves in a magical, real world

5.clock wynwood

There is a kind of magic that is born from the soil of experience, the magic of the mundane if you will, which under the light of awareness, shines sacred. I wonder if some of us are wired to experience life in a magical realist way. Asi parece. Magical realism is not just a literary genre; it is a way of living, of perceiving life, of engaging the world..

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In the belly of this wild, sacred dance


We have come to be danced…
…the claw our way back into the belly
of the sacred, sensual animal dance
the unhinged, unplugged, cat is out of its box dance…
~ Jewel Mathieson

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