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Light in your heart


Vision of Gaia by ninquelen

Hello dear ones,

There are days when words seem to stand still and close like the petals of a flower at night asking to trust the closing as much as the opening. There are days that fold words into the innermost recesses of our being while they usher tender moments of synchronistic encounters with life.

I realize I’ve taken a long pause in my writings. It has been in a period of incubation I like to think, of living suspended in the threads of a new rhythm set in motion as I learn to navigate my new life thrust into a full time job as an architect and a transformative relationship; while still dipping my toes in the waters of Sacred Flow work.

In doing what I feel life is asking me to do—to risk, to trust, to open to life beyond the safety of the words and lines that were my refuge, my sanctuary, my only companions for years;  I have felt words emptying out of my being—not on the page—but out in the sky like birds migrating elsewhere. What are these birds searching for, what are they seeing, what are they experiencing, and perhaps most importantly, what will they bring back? I stand in stillness waiting for their return while my days swoon with yearning like waves reaching from the depths of the earth.

A sense of motion dispels the silence and ends the stillness. And light is born in the heart of darkness. A seed of light pulses to illuminate our path, a forgotten song echoes from the core of the cosmos to shake every cell of our being and take root in the deepest chambers of our heart, a call is heard in all directions to disintegrate the constrictions that restrict our spirit.

The song that always stirs in my heart is the song of the feminine awakening us gently to our wholeness. The rebirth of the feminine does not entail the annihilation of the masculine but the realization that a precious aspect of our being and of life itself has been suppressed, neglected, ridiculed and silenced; and that this realm seeks to see the light of day, to speak its wisdom, heal our fragmentation and brings us back into harmony with the heart of nature–our home.

I dedicate this post to all that is dormant and gently awakening within each one of us, to all that is becoming alive and free in the waves of our consciousness and the flesh of our becoming; to all that wants to be seen, heard, loved, nurtured; to all that wants to receive a YES that shatters old limitations and opens up new possibilities as individuals and as parts of a sacred whole.

Deep gratitude for the gift of life, for the gift of love flowing through us all.

Full Moon Blessings and Merry Christmas,

marjory mejia

Flow. Lotus born.

lotus spirituality

“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.”    Buddhist proverb Ever since the French philosopher René Descartes delcared “I think therefore I am,” the dualistic split between body and mind was affirmed, and the superiority of mind declared supreme. No wonder we have also come to despise darkness and glorify…

Aug 26, 2013 | continue reading →

Ode to Feminine Space. An architecture of flow. An architecture of the feminine

We are sucking the soul out of our lives and not replenishing it. And yet we feel that something is missing, yearning for a different kind of experience of wholeness that deeply feeds, awakens, and revitalizes our souls. Are you longing for intimacy, deep communication, connection? This is an invitation to notice, liberate, express, and experience the feminine: the feminine dimension of our being, the feminine dimension of space, the feminine dimension of the sacred…

Jun 18, 2013 | continue reading →

Edgewalkers of flow

courageous new born duckling

There is a good thing on top of that mountain. I will make a straight line for it.” But the archetypal way is not like that; it is a serpentine way that wriggles and spirals its way to the top. We often feel defeated by it and brought to a standstill. It makes most people…

Apr 2, 2013 | continue reading →

Feminine flow, unfurling through space

I love the sinuous, kinetic, serpentine, swirling, spiraling movements of these beings expressing fluidity. The last one is a woman, a Goddess-like artist able to beautifully embody and transmit this sacred quality, this feminine flow vibrating between the auditory, visual, and tactile dimensions as She unfurls through space.   The work I do is extremely…

Jan 7, 2013 | continue reading →

The joy of blooming, a story of love

Joy. When I hear the word blooming, I see flowers and I’m filled with joy. They are precious gifts from Mother Earth. I invite you to call on their feminine essence and joyful medicine to inspire and support your blossoming. Because your blossoming is essential to life.

Jun 20, 2012 | continue reading →

My Pinterest obsession. Unleashing Creative Flow.

Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures inside the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France. I love these luminous forms juxtaposed against the ancient interior of this church. Seen together, they seem to be dancing in space. The Church, providing the architectural backdrop for their movement.

Feb 5, 2012 | continue reading →

Art Basel and the Soul of a Woman

What inspires you and where do you find beauty? I am fascinated by the encounters with the natural and art filled world. I present to you my journey through Art Basel Miami, Dec. 2011. Art Basel is an art show originally from Basel in Switzerland, with art from around the world.

Jan 31, 2012 | continue reading →

i flow, rooted in the soil of my own heart

“I am rooted, but I flow.” ~ Virginia Woolf i am daughter of river, sea and wind every drop of my soul held in the waters of life   i grow roots deep in the earth arms reaching high in the sky planting seeds in other hearts   i flow gracefully rooted in the soil…

Apr 7, 2011 | continue reading →

The pendulum is swinging. Another world pulsing its way into being

The Feminine I am interested in feminine power, which suffers when women all around the globe deny and silence part of themselves to fit in, to conform, to survive, to be accepted and to succeed within our patriarchal structures. Our patriarchal culture rewards extinguishing part of our nature. It is the sacrifice we believe we…

Mar 8, 2011 | continue reading →
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