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Discover your gift

It’s been a while since I heard a message in a dream.  A few days ago, this one kept on looping until I got up so it wouldn’t sleep away from my consciousness. It persisted like a bird flying to the surface of my mind.

Wake up.

“Discover your gift.”

Discover– First you got to find it, then uncover, unveil, reveal.

Your– It’s yours darling, but it needs to be claimed.

Gift– Let it flow. A gift is not a static thing, it is something you give and receive.

A gift exudes generosity:

In your heart –a pearl is born, a flower blooms.

In this moment -instead of pushing it away and fighting it, do something radical..


Uncomfortably still. I resist. Isn’t there another way? No. I hear. Everything gets so still so you can listen.

While I want to be a river, right now my soul oscillates between being a waterfall of ideas: energizing, intoxicating, refreshing, and a calm lake: a container of divine flow with soothing ripples, waves and echoes that gather in the stillness of being.

And so I listen.