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My Pinterest obsession. Unleashing Creative Flow.

Ay, this flow is killing me! Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures were hung inside the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France. I love these luminous forms juxtaposed against the sacred ancient interior of this church. Seen together, they seem to be dancing in space. The Church, providing the architectural backdrop for their movement, folding and unfolding. The second picture I assembled in a collage with pictures from his site.

Unleashing motion.

I started this post last night, February 4th, feeling the cosmic concoction in the air.

Lately I have taken you on journeys through some of the natural and built spaces and artworks that touch me in a deep way. Today, I am feeling a burst of freedom flowing through me and it naturally wants to land on the page & continue its route to your heart. Exuberant. Luminous. Fresh. Wild. Energy. Surging, through the landscape of my soul.

Friday night began with work filling me with joy and love, feeling so energized after a Skype call with a client for a space revolution session. Saturday gifted me with the fragrant sweet scent of the ocean reaching my soul. And the magic continued yesterday when I had yet another experience of wild and sacred flow at Pinterest.

Letting your obsessions flow.

Passions turn into obsessions. They don’t give up, even when trampled your whole life. They persist. They survive. On very little actually. So resilient. They are love in disguise. Your gifts. Deep and bottomless like the ocean. A sea of beauty. An energy, feeling, thought formation that rises to consciousness. Defined in dictionary as: 1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. &  2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

The etymology of the word obsession is very revealing: From 1510s, “action of besieging,” from L. obsessionem..Later, “hostile action of an evil spirit” (like possession but without the spirit actually inhabiting the body). Transferred sense of “action of anything which engrosses the mind” is from 1670s.

Obsessions get a bad rap in our repressive culture. Ay, we are so logic driven! Let’s re-frame. There is another way. What if our passions/obsessions only turn negative when they remain hidden, suppressed, unloved, unwanted, unfocused? So often ignored and in the dark, they have gifts waiting to to be embraced and channeled.

Obsessions are energies taking residence, dwelling in your body, mind and heart. So, hoarding is not an option. Whatever you are obsessed about is not meant to get stuck in your heart. Freedom comes from letting your passions flow and spill out into the world, for good.

My Pinterest obsession.

feminine flowSoul of a woman –  rich colors from naturethe sacred bathroom

I have been dipping my feet in the waters of Pinterest. It has become an obsession. The good kind. One that explores, expands, liberates, shares and unleashes flow. I am literary, yes, but also visual and highly or shall I say deeply spatial. I confess that I have been lusting after some images that evoke so much emotion for me. Some of you might understand my obsession. It has become a heavenly realm of sensory and spiritual satisfaction.

Pinterest is a catalogue that lets you curate all things sensual, spatial, natural, artistic, soulful and spirited. Pinterest allows for multiplicity, all at once. It appeals to the senses, avenues of communication between the inner and outer wolds that we inhabit. Read this post here on why Pinterest makes an artist’s heart happy or go here for an informative post on Pinterest applications/tips for business. If you are interested in reading why Pinterest is “totally not a waste of time: creating a visionboard for your creative project ( + why it’s helpful),” read Justine Musk’s brilliant post here.

Re-aligning with the healing power of nature.

From writings that undulate with love to sculptural forms that echo the forms of nature in dwellings that honor our ancient connection to earth and cosmos, I have been a lover of flow all my life, hence the name SACRED FLOW for my life’s philosophy and work.

Since I joined, I have been sprinkling all my boards on Pinterest with images of natural beauty and flow. One of my favorites is Soul of a Woman. Yesterday, a new board created itself, feminine flow, coming together with evocative sensual forms from nature that spilled out into designs of furniture, architecture and interiors. A beautiful thing to behold. A healing pattern of beauty emerging.

Last night I was overjoyed to find Loie Fuller, a modern American dancer who lived in France for the second half of her life. Her body of work shows she is flow herself. Her body, the folds of the earth, the currents of the wind.  “Fuller developed her own natural movement and improvisation techniques. Fuller combined her choreography with silk costumes illuminated by multi-coloured lighting of her own design (source).

Fuller was well respected in the French scientific community…Stephane Mallarme, the leading poet of the Symbolist movement, dubbed her “La Loie” and described her dancing as “the dizzyness of soul made visible by an artifice…One reviewer described the effect as “unique, ethereal, delicious…she emerges from darkness, her airy evolutions now tinted blue and purple and crimson, and again the audience…insists upon seeing her pretty piquant face before they can believe that the lovely apparition is really a woman.” 1975 (source).

Loie Fuller standing, facing front; wearing large gown, with arms raised in the shape of a butterfly. Spreading her wings wide. Wrapped in flow, rapt in silky, beautiful flow.

A Goddess. Her silky wings in full motion. Portrait of Loïe Fuller, by Frederick Glasier, 1902.

Venus, beauty and cosmic love.

I got a dose of insight about this emotion in motion from my friend Jonathan Pearl, astrologer extraordinaire yesterday at 11:22 am:

“Venus into maximum exaltation (26 Pisces) in a few hours. Hope you do something special to celebrate today! And maybe into early tomorrow morning..I am thinking about this more Marjory. Let’s translate: Venus in Pisces at maximum exaltation. Venus – What we love, find beautiful, are attracted to, desire, find affinity…in Pisces – Expansive, boundless, giving, flowing, artistic, spiritual… at maximum Exaltation. Our peak of capacity for our highest loves.”

My friend’s words on what’s going on in the cosmos as we speak are right on! By the way, Jonathan gives advice on stock flows that align with the cosmos. How cool is that?

Just say yes.

Art Nouveau doors from Goethe Institute. Inspired in nature. Let the doors open:

“..Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”
~ Joseph Campbell

We are all invited to open up to flow. Few heed the call. It takes risk and transformation and the opening of the heart. Wide. To embrace the whole world. Deep bottom.

I have been meditating on how and why we often deny ourselves the things, places, passions and even people we love the most. As my friend and flow sister Alison Gresik so insightfully wrote in her post calling us back to nature:

“Why do we deny ourselves the beach? We are sadomasochist artists. We don’t feel like we deserve it. The beach is not productive.” Ah, the misconceptions that fill our being. As she points out, “Going to the Beach Makes You a Better Writer & Artist” Yes, thank you Ali.

How often do you give yourself permission to do what you love, to go somewhere that feeds your soul and wander around rapt in reverie? Start now. It is never too late. Back to the beautiful feeling. Back to love. Back to the inspiration that is yours if you dare to say YES.

You are an artist, unfurling your essence across the universe.

Let your passions flow, they’ll take you places and create spaces, unimaginable. Need assistance?  I would be delighted to work with you, one-on-one  to unleash flow in your space and life.

With love,