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Light in your heart


Vision of Gaia by ninquelen

Hello dear ones,

There are days when words seem to stand still and close like the petals of a flower at night asking to trust the closing as much as the opening. There are days that fold words into the innermost recesses of our being while they usher tender moments of synchronistic encounters with life.

I realize I’ve taken a long pause in my writings. It has been in a period of incubation I like to think, of living suspended in the threads of a new rhythm set in motion as I learn to navigate my new life thrust into a full time job as an architect and a transformative relationship; while still dipping my toes in the waters of Sacred Flow work.

In doing what I feel life is asking me to do—to risk, to trust, to open to life beyond the safety of the words and lines that were my refuge, my sanctuary, my only companions for years;  I have felt words emptying out of my being—not on the page—but out in the sky like birds migrating elsewhere. What are these birds searching for, what are they seeing, what are they experiencing, and perhaps most importantly, what will they bring back? I stand in stillness waiting for their return while my days swoon with yearning like waves reaching from the depths of the earth.

A sense of motion dispels the silence and ends the stillness. And light is born in the heart of darkness. A seed of light pulses to illuminate our path, a forgotten song echoes from the core of the cosmos to shake every cell of our being and take root in the deepest chambers of our heart, a call is heard in all directions to disintegrate the constrictions that restrict our spirit.

The song that always stirs in my heart is the song of the feminine awakening us gently to our wholeness. The rebirth of the feminine does not entail the annihilation of the masculine but the realization that a precious aspect of our being and of life itself has been suppressed, neglected, ridiculed and silenced; and that this realm seeks to see the light of day, to speak its wisdom, heal our fragmentation and brings us back into harmony with the heart of nature–our home.

I dedicate this post to all that is dormant and gently awakening within each one of us, to all that is becoming alive and free in the waves of our consciousness and the flesh of our becoming; to all that wants to be seen, heard, loved, nurtured; to all that wants to receive a YES that shatters old limitations and opens up new possibilities as individuals and as parts of a sacred whole.

Deep gratitude for the gift of life, for the gift of love flowing through us all.

Full Moon Blessings and Merry Christmas,

marjory mejia

Journey to the Sacred. Finding Sanctuary on the Inca Trail.

My ancestors, like many Indigenous traditions around the world, felt an ancestral pull to honor the body and spirit of the earth and build in harmony with the land. It is this sacred connection to land and cosmos that inspired them to design an architecture that flows not against, but rather, in harmony with the rhythms of the earth and cosmos. Honoring contours of earth, their structures adapted to the formations of the landscape. Their architecture didn’t seek to dominate the land but to enhance its beauty…

Sep 5, 2013 | continue reading →

Home: from prison to freedom

Do you feel imprisoned, stuck, estranged and alien in your own skin, home, land? The journey from prison to freedom is about removing the negative connotations of home, expanding our perception of this sacred space, taking it on a journey from prison to freedom. I am writing this article to claim the sacredness of the home as a safe haven where to nourish your life force, stir your creativity, feed your soul, enliven your spirit.

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Riding waves in a magical, real world

There is a kind of magic that is born from the soil of experience, the magic of the mundane if you will, which under the light of awareness, shines sacred. I wonder if some of us are wired to experience life in a magical realist way. Asi parece. Magical realism is not just a literary genre; it is a way of living, of perceiving life, of engaging the world..

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What our spaces say matters. Our needs & the art of nonviolent communication

woody elemetnal of love

I love this elemental I found in wood. There is so much love within and around us, waiting for us to tap into its frequency. I have been meditating on the ability of space to meet our needs. At one point or another along our development as kids, we were quite vocal about our needs. There was no shame. There was beauty in expressing what was true for us.

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Get closer

“Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” ~ Leonard Cohen I took the picture in the background of this beautiful message one day wandering through the streets of Miami. I saw a beautiful pattern of what appeared to be…

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In the Sacred

I use the word sacred a lot, as if to reawaken its meaning in the memory of our being. Am I the one using it or is it using me? Perhaps words are the ones to choose and take possession of us, slowly making their way into our consciousness and whole being. Do you often…

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