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The Poetics of the Bathroom as sacred Space

Do you yearn for a space that can nourish and revitalize your spirit, a place where you can experience a sacred, sensual, and spiritual awakening?

Begin your journey in the magical, artful space of the bathroom, the realm of the feminine! Explore ways to create a poetic and sacred space that inspires your body, mind & soul.

  • Why the bathroom is often the most neglected & subdued space in our homes, dwellings, and spaces.
  • To see your bathroom under a different light, whether you are remodeling, building one from scratch or simply making a few shifts to transform it.
  • To ask questions that matter & begin to heal your relationship with your bathroom, body, and soul.
  • How you can recover the lost meaning of the bathroom as a sacred & poetic space of transformation, ritual & renewal.
  • Ideas that embrace and go well beyond bathroom design and decoration and into healing, creativity, and well-being.
  • Six tips to soften your bathroom and awaken your senses in a one of a kind, more organic and poetic bathroom experience.
Poetic Bathroom Testimonials

design in nature quoteThe Bathroom as a sacred space ebook is a damn good read! Marjory opines on bathrooms’ slurred name, juxtaposed with their necessary and enjoyable purposes in our lives, then she offers thoughtful response questions to guide you through finding your home, and finishes up with concrete, good-idea improvements on making bathrooms more rejuvenating. ~ Cat Rocketship,

design in nature quoteThe Poetics of the Bathroom as Sacred Space is an interesting and illuminating look into a room often overlooked or cast into shame in our society. I was quite surprised, after reading the workbook how different views used to be on what happens in there, like things that leave your body were once thought of as symbols of creative people! How different that is from how our culture now views them. I have my BEST ideas while in the bathroom and I’m also am totally behind organic/plush materials, zero clutter, and art. ~ Paul Jarvis

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