Finding home







Photo by Ralph Thayer

Door panel and hinge, circa 1888. Union Railroad Station, New London, Connecticut

What does it take to find home?

Everywhere you go, there is possibility and potential
for your relationship with home to heal, open, blossom and reveal itself
your colors, your song, your gifts
keep exploring, peeling the layers, opening

Human beings “cannot discover new oceans unless [they have] the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

~ Andre Gide

Home is a place, a state and a quality of being
the seat of your dreams
opening your heart to meet yourself and the world
alive, fresh, vital, magical








Home is part of an ever unfolding adventure
breathing the space where we come together
taken by this growing taste for mystery

Home is the page holding this ink receiving your presence
inviting you to explore, discover, cross thresholds, expand







Sonia Rykiel 

At home in your own skin, in your own body
in that place that whispers:  come out, emerge, shine, play

At home in your heart
in the spaces you inhabit
in the sacred earth
in the world

At home, flowing like a river,
like the ebb and flow of an ocean
a merging and flourishing and a constant becoming

At home in the voyage of your soul
in the journey made of moments and vistas
of valleys and peaks and trails of love

“The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.”

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin








May love fuel your journey home, in the here, in the now.



  • Laurie

    Such a great message for me right now, moving into a new house, staging the old one for sale. All my energy has been towards making the old one feel like home, and this is a reminder to develop my new sacred space here!

    • Marjory Mejia

      Hi Laurie,

      I am so happy to hear this message spoke to you! What a powerful time of leaving the old and embracing the new. I wish you gentleness in this transition of much unraveling. May your new home become a sanctuary of love and flow.

  • Jessica

    Home — what a lovely word. For me, “home” is nuzzling my childrens’ warm necks and holding my husband’s hand without saying a word. But this gives me food for thought….as I move through the next few days, I’ll look for more places of “home” for me. What cool discoveries those will be.

    • Marjory Mejia


      Thanks for your comment. I love that timeless image of holding your loved ones in silence. It is the silence that pulses with love. I can feel it. Beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your discoveries.

    • Marjory Mejia

      I love that, sacred conversation, yes. Thanks for your deep listening and loving presence here.

  • Angel

    Marjory… this really stirred up some emotions for me this morning.

    First, it reminded me of a poem I wrote about ‘Home’ when I was very young. I’ll need to find that & re-read it soon now I think…

    I agree, too, with Marita in that this feels like having eavesdropped on a sacred conversation with Self, and I have to say that I adore it!!

    I often talk with others about dropping the things in life which hold no meaning for us (and I believe that there’s no inherent meaning within anything, but that we give meaning to what we choose and as such really anything could be meaningful to any individual). This feels so juicy… so meaningful. So full of love, and flow, and grace.

    I want to print it out and post it somewhere that I can re-read it through my day… Simply gorgeous… Thanks for sharing it <3

    • Marjory Mejia

      Hi Angel,

      I would love to read your poem about Home. Please share when you find it.
      Feel free to print this post and invite it into your sacred space. I am delighted it has found room in your heart. Thank you.

  • Bri Saussy

    I have moved so many times in the last 10 years and then in April we bought a home-my first house purchase! I had a 7 week old baby and felt like my life had just taken an epic leap forward. What was interesting to me is that as I began setting out objects that I had carried with me from the Southwest, to the East Coast, to the West Coast, and then back to the Southwest was the realization that I carried “home” with me wherever I went-its in my husband’s eyes, my baby’s smile, my dog’s yawn…thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  • Leah Shapiro

    MMMMMM….I feel this seeping into my being and pulsing slowly. aaahhhhhhh……..expanding , luminous. sparkles.

    This is my favorite part- At home in your own skin, in your own body
    in that place that whispers: come out, emerge, shine, play

    Thank You!

    • Marjory Mejia

      Lovely. I am smiling reading your comment dear Leah. Thank you for the burst of love you bring into this space. xo

  • Megan Potter

    I love how you write Marjory, it’s a gift to read your posts!

    Home is a subject that close to my heart and nature – to me it’s a feeling of warmth and center but is closely tied to companionship – but not necessarily place.

    • Marjory Mejia

      thanks so much! Delighted you like my posts. Yes..sharing the beauty that we find around and within is such a big part of home. Thanks for sharing this beautiful thought!

  • Mel

    As an expat, home has been a journey of heartache and sorrow… and now acceptance.

    After the first excitement of the expat life has lost its shine, you see everything in your old home as rosy and everything in the new home. When it hit me, that I may never live in Germany ever again, that was a time of great heartache, I literally grieved for a couple of years, unable to even return for a visit.

    I wish I could say that home is where my loves are and they are here, but for me home is my language spoken around me, my friends close at hand, the nature and surroundings that are so familiar. No matter how much I love England, it will always only be my second love, while I long for the first with an aching heart.

    • Marjory Mejia

      The heartache and sorrow will ease Mel. I left my homeland when I was 16 so I understand the deep pain. Let it flow. Wishing you all that your
      souls yearns for and more. With love!

  • Marjory Mejia

    Your post is absolutely beautiful Mahala! Thanks for sharing the link. Every word touched my heart.
    “Home becomes everywhere my heart has a chance to love.” Yes.

    Delighted, honored and ecstatic to to support this “tender unfolding” as you beautifully express.

    Chosen indeed. Love

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