At the altar of change

Greetings, beautiful heart!

Loss can catapult us into a space where we feel the grief of individuals, communities, and planet. It certainly has the capacity to shake us up and to awaken something ancient within us.

On this auspicious winter solstice day that marks the birth of light in the norther hemisphere, may this letter bring healing energies and wishes for an uplifting 2021. There is an eventful Saturn and Jupiter conjunction happening today on this ancestral day, signaling a time of rebirth and expansion.

Much has been stirred within our hearts as we stand at the altar of change. I’ve been experiencing a sort of squeezing of my soul to distill the truest expression of my work to be shared in community. Sacred Flow is about releasing the constructs that stifle our life force, our ancestral connection to Spirit and Earth, as well as sustaining a life affirming relationship to our voice, authenticity, and power—for the benefit of all beings.

In light of my deepest intentions for the healing of our community, I am happy to announce the launch of my new ETSY shop, where I offer Ritual Kits and Gift Boxes designed with love and infused with blessings and Reiki healing energy to support us in cleansing, meditating, nourishing our hearts and staying connected to nature & cosmos in these times of growth.

10% discount code: HEALINGVIBES10

It is with great joy that I share the indigenous wisdom of my ancestors from the Andes and Amazon of Peru and imbue the gifts I offer with this sacred healing energy. Please join me if you yearn for transformation, liberation, and healing.

Let’s empty out and be filled from within to return to the truest expression of our gifts and healing dreams. Sacred Flow is evolving to offer Rituals, Gifts, Meditations and Healing Sessions. Bear with me as I make changes to the website to reflect my latest offerings. You are now welcome to purchase a Ritual Kit/Gift with the 10% discount code for the next 3 days. Thank you for your support!

I realize that the holidays can be a difficult time for many of us. I am sending waves of love and blessings your way. May you feel loved today, and always.