Art Basel and the Soul of a Woman

By: Marjory Mejia




Dragonfly in the Rain
Photograph by Shikhei Goh. Also featured in National Geographic 

What inspires you?

I am fascinated by the encounters with the natural world. Look at this beautiful dragonfly and the sparks of light around it, its iridescent wings. Feel these sparks? Dragonfly medicine is lovely. Being comfortable in both the emotional and intellectual realms. Shape-shifting between the two.

Where do you find beauty?

In Nature. In Art. I love art that reveals nature. I love nature that reveals art. My heart melts in their presence. Art that speaks from the heart. Art that opens up a window to the soul, a conversation with life itself. Energizing. Uplifting. Deepening.

It takes me time to digest an experience, an encounter.  Sometimes I like to hold it in my soul to let it simmer, get full bodied so it can flow and nourish more.

I present to you my journey through Art Basel Miami, Dec. 2011. Art Basel is an art show originally from Basel in Switzerland, with art from around the world.

What awakens your senses, your spirit, your soul?

I invite you to take a promenade to see the works of art that caught my attention, energy, thoughts and feelings. So dazzled by some of the art, I took all these photos and forgot to get the names of many of the artists! I have re-imagined their names here. I was drawn to sensual, textured, organic, spatial forms that pulsed alive.

The art I saw seemed to have a collective spirit, an emerging soul seeking expression.

There are some pieces of art that vibrate high, to the frequency of nature. The first work of art I saw at Art Basel had a surprise for me. A live dragonfly nestled in the arms of this sculptural work, delightfully enjoying its organic forms.

My friend thought it was part of the art. But the beautiful dragonfly somehow found its way inside the gallery and freely chose to rest there, a transitory home on its grand journey through life.

We loved these letters woven together in a sculptural maze of energy sitting on the grass. I found the M!

Whoa, this blew my mind. This form was so cellular and permeable.

This pattern that you see against the sky is part of a Corten sculptural structure by artist Jorge Fernandez (22′ x 32′ x 6′)

cor-ten steel

Our connection to nature, space, art, love can opens us up. We are part of a greater organic, conscious, breathing whole.

The Soul of a Woman

The body of a woman is a sacred landscape to be explored and worshiped. Here she is portrayed layered, complex, in motion, in discovery.

soul of a woman

Layered woman ~ like nature, a multiplicity of folds, her body, her heart, her soul.

soul of a woman

Climbing woman ~ reaching new heights.

soul of a woman

SojiroTakamura, mineral pigment on japanesepaper

Bridge woman ~ like the earth, woman is a bridge herself, to the divine.

awakened feminine essence

Temptation by Robert Langford

Flowing Woman ~ with the cosmos under her skirt, encompassing the whole universe. A mountain of love. Pachamama. Queen of time. Goddess of human creations reaching for the sky.

Expressing awe and wonder

Organic shaped lenses merging together forming a sea of light reflecting surface. What if we experimented seeing ourselves, others and life itself through more organic lenses? This would mean veil lifting power.

Poet William Blake said:

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.”


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Ayn Rand by Global Art Group NewYork

In praise of all that is and in the spirit of Steve Jobs last few words filled with awe and wonder, on his ultimate journey to mystery and beauty.

“oh WOW. oh WOW. oh WOW” … into infinity.




Please share your thoughts, responses, ideas. I would like to know what touches your heart, what fills you with inspiration, beauty, awe and wonder. To awakening sacred flow! With love,

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Get flowing!

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Jan 31, 2012
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17 responses to “Art Basel and the Soul of a Woman”

  1. Bri Saussy says:

    The entire show looks fabulous but Temptation by Robert Langford especially spoke to me-invoking images, songs, and poems to the ancient French/Basque Red Goddess Mari and to her even older counter part Ishtar-beautiful and stirring!

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Hi Bri,
      Yes, Temptation is exquisite and buoyant. Mmmm will have to research that French Goddess. Love Ishtar. Jai Ma!

  2. Angel says:

    So beautiful… as always!!

    The pictures of the dragonflies caught my attention and my heart immediately! I ADORE dragonflies and have them all around me.

    So magical… Art, beauty, nature.. entwining… So love it.. So love that others appreciate it as well.. <3

  3. mmmmmmm. Breathing it all in. Such lovely images and prose. I absolutely love the Dragonfly in the Rain Photograph. It is spectacular almost as if it reveals the energy in motion around it…

    The Corten sculptural structure by artist Jorge Fernandez, especially the image against the sky is equally lovely in a different way.

    And, being a Steve Jobs and all things Apple fan, I must add him to my list.

    As always, your posts are yummy.

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Thanks Marita,

      Energy in motion. Yes. beautiful. I loved that structure, glad it spoke to you. Thanks for sharing what touched your heart, lovely thoughts.

  4. These photos and your lovely commentary around them were food for my soul, Marjory! When the post arrived in my inbox, instead of just skimming through as I often do with email, I allowed myself to stop and take in the words and images. I was really moved, especially by Layered Woman and Bridge Woman. I stopped trying to “think” about the photos and just let them soak in. I will definitely be going back to your Pinterest boards whenever I need a visual infusion of beauty!

    And yesterday a dragonfly buzzed inside my open balcony doors, just for a moment, before swooping off again! I took it as a hello from you and the dragonfly energy.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your field trips with us. I’m sorry I can’t go along with you in person but this is the next best thing.

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Dear Ali,
      food for your soul.. so honored dear. Layered woman and Bridge woman captivated me too.

      Yes, come visit on Pinterest and maybe even start some boards there? muahaha
      oh ah I look forward to seeing your pictures, wherever you choose to share them. :)

      Such precious sharing, your words, your energy. Sweet. Dragonfly saying hello. Yes. A whisper between friends.
      You touch my heart. Next time I go to on a journey, you will be right there with me..

  5. Jessica says:

    “Oh WOW” is right! I felt like I was there at Art Basel with you – almost like Claire Wade’s post. Maybe you should team up with her to offer this virtual art tour! Your passion for the art shines through in your unique analysis that’s always fun to read. I’ll be back…..

    • Claire says:

      Just seen Jessica’s post with the same idea! It would be great to work together to bring the exhibit to life for people like me who can’t physically get there.

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Thanks Jessica :)
      Great suggestion. Come back for more, would love to know which one touched your heart..

  6. Claire says:

    Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow! That was amazing, you took me on a virtual trip the way I take others and I feel so relaxed and rested. The pictures are beautiful, the colours so uplifting! Thank you so much for posting, I’m going to share with my followers and I think this exhibit will definitely need a virtual trip soon!

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Kind thanks for the love! Let me know when you would like me to contribute with a virtual journey :) Delighted to collaborate soon. xo

  7. Michelle says:

    My favorites: the second photo & the time-goddess-red-dress-woman. The second photo is so very organic and cellular – I bet it was a stunning piece in person. The red-dress-time-goddess is simply evocative; I want a print of that to hang on my wall! I also really like the layered woman statue. Thank you for taking these photos & sharing them with us, Marjory!

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      Thanks Michelle,
      The red dress Goddess is a favorite.. ah organic art.. J’adore! It is a pleasure to share with you all! xo

  8. Leah Shapiro says:

    was blown away by the very first picture of the dragonfly in the rain. So powerful and inspiring.

    I also liked the circular piece. it seemed to have so much depth, motion and expansion. \

    I loved seeing these pieces through your eyes with your words.

    • Marjory Mejia says:

      ah yes the dragonfly has a special place in my heart. “Depth, motion and expansion” you are speaking the language of my heart. Thank you for your presence and lovely comment. A delight to have all that I love appreciated.

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