January, 2012

Art Basel and the Soul of a Woman




Dragonfly in the Rain
Photograph by Shikhei Goh. Also featured in National Geographic 

What inspires you?

I am fascinated by the encounters with the natural world. Look at this beautiful dragonfly and the sparks of light around it, its iridescent wings. Feel these sparks? Dragonfly medicine is lovely. Being comfortable in both the emotional and intellectual realms. Shape-shifting between the two.

Where do you find beauty?

In Nature. In Art. I love art that reveals nature. I love nature that reveals art. My heart melts in their presence. Art that speaks from the heart. Art that opens up a window to the soul, a conversation with life itself. Energizing. Uplifting. Deepening.

It takes me time to digest an experience, an encounter.  Sometimes I like to hold it in my soul to let it simmer, get full bodied so it can flow and nourish more.

I present to you my journey through Art Basel Miami, Dec. 2011. Art Basel is an art show originally from Basel in Switzerland, with art from around the world.

What awakens your senses, your spirit, your soul?

I invite you to take a promenade to see the works of art that caught my attention, energy, thoughts and feelings. So dazzled by some of the art, I took all these photos and forgot to get the names of many of the artists! I have re-imagined their names here. I was drawn to sensual, textured, organic, spatial forms that pulsed alive.

The art I saw seemed to have a collective spirit, an emerging soul seeking expression.

There are some pieces of art that vibrate high, to the frequency of nature. The first work of art I saw at Art Basel had a surprise for me. A live dragonfly nestled in the arms of this sculptural work, delightfully enjoying its organic forms.

My friend thought it was part of the art. But the beautiful dragonfly somehow found its way inside the gallery and freely chose to rest there, a transitory home on its grand journey through life.

We loved these letters woven together in a sculptural maze of energy sitting on the grass. I found the M!

Whoa, this blew my mind. This form was so cellular and permeable.

This pattern that you see against the sky is part of a Corten sculptural structure by artist Jorge Fernandez (22′ x 32′ x 6′)

cor-ten steel

Our connection to nature, space, art, love can opens us up. We are part of a greater organic, conscious, breathing whole.

The Soul of a Woman

The body of a woman is a sacred landscape to be explored and worshiped. Here she is portrayed layered, complex, in motion, in discovery.

soul of a woman

Layered woman ~ like nature, a multiplicity of folds, her body, her heart, her soul.

soul of a woman

Climbing woman ~ reaching new heights.

soul of a woman

SojiroTakamura, mineral pigment on japanesepaper

Bridge woman ~ like the earth, woman is a bridge herself, to the divine.

awakened feminine essence

Temptation by Robert Langford

Flowing Woman ~ with the cosmos under her skirt, encompassing the whole universe. A mountain of love. Pachamama. Queen of time. Goddess of human creations reaching for the sky.

Expressing awe and wonder

Organic shaped lenses merging together forming a sea of light reflecting surface. What if we experimented seeing ourselves, others and life itself through more organic lenses? This would mean veil lifting power.

Poet William Blake said:

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.”


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Ayn Rand by Global Art Group NewYork

In praise of all that is and in the spirit of Steve Jobs last few words filled with awe and wonder, on his ultimate journey to mystery and beauty.

“oh WOW. oh WOW. oh WOW” … into infinity.




Please share your thoughts, responses, ideas. I would like to know what touches your heart, what fills you with inspiration, beauty, awe and wonder. To awakening sacred flow! With love,

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